Legal Ability Versus Legal Authority…Two Entirely Different Things.

It Was A Big Mistake Thinking I Could Be Taken For A Ride Or A Fool. Especially By 47 year old Bangladeshi Scammer, Fraudster And Money Laundering Dr Rita Pal (WHOSE CURRENT IMMIGRATION STATUS IN THE UK SHOULD BE THOROUGHLY INVESTIGATED AND VERIFIED) Her Sex Offender And Paedophile Criminal Associates And Dangerous Maniac Patient Safety Campaigners. I Don’t Give These Types The Time Of Day…Much To Their Annoyance.

Peter Walsh Of AVMA

Ambulance Chasing Peter Walsh Of AVMA.

The Internet Is Full Of Ambulance Chasers And Plight Jockeys Looking To Make Dirty Money Off The Misfortunes And Illness Of Others. I Don’t Give These Types And Charity’s Like This The Time Of Day…Much To Their Annoyance.


Like I Said…My Medical Case Has Never Been LAWFULLY Presented To Any Court. All Fraud And Money Laundering By Scammers And Corrupt Officials.

As You Can See By MY Documents MY Medical Case Never Made It Out Of The Irwin Mitchell London Office In October 2008. Let Alone Into ANY Court Of Law. Then, Or After That Date. Even Though It Should Have And Would Have If Solicitor William Cornwell Had Done His Job Properly. In October 2008. THE SOONER POLICE GET ALL THE CORRUPT OFFICIALS AND SCAMMERS OFF THE STREETS AND IN PRISON, THE BETTER.

Rubina And Amaar Khan JustGiving

The Corrupt Officials And Fraudsters Are Going To Get Away With The Khan’s Deaths.

Filthy Criminal Fraudster Scum. They Should All Be In Prison For Life For What They Have Done And The Unnecessary Harm And Deaths They Have Caused. Including The Corrupt Officials, Solicitors, MPs And Police Officers Involved In All The Crimes, Frauds And Money Laundering. THEY ARE DANGEROUS CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATHS. THE SOONER POLICE TAKE THEM ALL OFF THE STREETS AND THEY ARE IN PRISON, THE BETTER.


We Got A £70,000 Bank Loan To Buy The Ferrari…Honest Guv!

Liar Liar Pants On Fire. The Ferrari Is An Asset Of Crime Bought With Obtained By Deception Money And Fraudulently Laundered Cash From The Fraud Of MY Medical Case. So Is The Luxury Villa. Both Need Seizing As Assets Of Crime. Along With All Funds In Various Bank Accounts. And Both (Husband & Wife) Of The Unlawful Criminal Owners Need To Be Arrested, Charged And Sentenced For Their Fraud And Money Laundering Crimes. For The Maximum Term Possible. Their Crimes Caused The Horrific And Unnecessary Khan’s Deaths. And They Have Both Shown No Remorse For Their Crimes Or The Deaths Either. THEY ARE DANGEROUS CRIMINAL PSYCHOPATHS AND THE SOONER EUROPOL/INTERPOL TAKE THEM OFF THE STREETS AND THEY ARE IN PRISON FOR THEIR CRIMES, THE BETTER.


Prove It!

I Don’t Need To Prove It…It’s All In My Original And Genuine Turkish And UK Medical Notes/Scans/Tests And Medical Reports Which I Have In My Personal Possession. That’s Proof Enough. THE CORRUPT AND DANGEROUS INSURERS EUROP ASSISTANCE NEED TO PROVE ALL THE MEDICAL NOTES, SCANS, TESTS AND REPORTS ARE WRONG.

5 Generation Image

Why Did I Not Take Legal Action To Recover The Inheritance That Shirley Ann Stoker Stole Off Me?

I Hate The Woman So Much I Was Just Pleased To Have Her Out Of My Life For Good In 2005. However, Even When Decent People Like Myself Walk Away From Her And My Inheritance She Has Stolen, Spent On Hersef And Others, Still Owes Me And Totally Ignore Her She Stalks And Maliciously Harasses Them With Others. As My Diary Of Abuse Shows. A Very Sick And Disturbed Bully. She Now Has More Blood On Her Hands Than The Local Butcher. THAT’S WHY I WALKED AWAY FROM HER, MY STOLEN INHERITANCE AND TOOK NO LEGAL ACTION TO RECOVER IT.


Why Is A Welsh Labour Minister Now Trying To Get Involved In My Case That Is Nothing To Do With Him?

He Had Dirty Corrupt Pound Signs From My Medical Case In His Beady Leftard Eyes. Just Like The Many Others Before Him Who Caused The Khan’s Horrific And Unnecessary Deaths With Their Crimes, Frauds And Money Laundering. I’M A TORY VOTER AND SUPPORTER…So No Labour Councillors, Labour MPs, Labour Legals, or Labour Thugs Will Ever Be LEGITIMATELY Involved With Me/My Medical Case. THE ONLY MP I HAVE HAD CONTACT WITH WHILST IN BEING WALES (RHONDDA) IS A TORY MP.


Healthcare And Human Rights…LMAO.

Nah, I’m Not Interested In Either. And I Won’t Be Getting Involved With Or Supporting Any More Campaigns. Nor Do I Sign Any Petitions Any More. I Gave Up All Campaigning And Signing Petitions In 2013/2014. After The AllTrials Campaign And Saatchi Medical Innovation Bill.