Back On The Blogging Bus

So, I’ve climbed aboard the blogging bus again and I already know I’m in for a very bumpy ride…and I’ve only spotted two of my trolls.

Having to re-familiarise myself with the WordPress dashboard, not to mention where everything is, where everything goes and how I do it all.

Let’s not talk coding hey…no chance.

Who’d of thought I would have to buy myself a book on website building, to build a blog that essentially does it all for you…well I did and can thoroughly recommend it.

If you need a book that’s easy to learn from, you can’t go wrong with Web Design In Easy Steps by Sean McManus.

It is suitable for beginners and professionals alike.

Simple to use and understand, anyone could build a site assisted by it and the tutorials.

For those with vast experience, it is still worth buying to brush up on forgotten skills and learn new tips.

I hope to launch my new photography/art business website later in the year or early in 2015 and will have a few “one-off pieces” in acrylic and on canvas for sale to private collectors.

With my health as it is, for now just a little blog and Photo Blog

Trying to keep my grey matter alive, whilst my body falls apart.

I’ve missed blogging, and I’ve also enjoyed not blogging and the 3/4 year break.

Since I removed my first website and blog (Subarachnoid Haemorrhage : A Double Whammy) and stopped blogging on Dr Rita Pal’s NHS Exposed blog in spring 2010, there has been zero change with my non-existent healthcare/medical case.

The ongoing case against Wexham Park Hospital and Europ Assistance Insurers (a right bunch of shitbags).

Who then became Aria Assistance Insurers (a bigger bunch of shitbags).

Who then sold out to Collinson Insurers who are part of the Lloyds Group.

Neither Wexham Park Hospital or the Insurers have paid me one penny in damages or compensation legally owed to date.

The hospital were taken over by the government and the Insurers were closed down by financial regulator’s.

So, the only change is, my health has worsened (hoping I now don’t have cancer too) due to all the events deliberately instigated to cover up my case and prevent paying what is owed.

I had yet another stroke in December 2012 with zero care as usual.

Just loads of state abuse from my housing association employees (TVHA), police harassment (TVP/MET), judicial fraud of my medical case (with money paid out to the criminal fraudsters while I’m sat here slowly dying with no care) and other totally unacceptable and criminal behaviour from them towards me and my ex-relatives.

Solely for attempting to seek the damages and compensation they legally owe for brain/bodily injuries, permanent disabilities and death sentence caused by themselves.

But will not pay.

I kept a diary of all the abuse, fraud and corruption on my old Facebook Page (NikkiJ1970). 

Now following on with this blog.

I apologise for it being in no real order, but I had to log events as they were happening and add articles and documentation as proof and relevance.

The Citroen Motability Fraud By Charlie Maltman can be seen here.

The Nationwide Building Society Fraud By Suki Sury can be seen here.

These are just two crimes of many committed by the large group of criminal fraudsters involved.

 It astounds any “normal” individual who cannot believe such disgusting crimes carried out against a terminally ill disabled woman by such disturbed psycho’s.

In January 2013 the AllTrials Campaign began and the worldwide response has been amazing…I know there is a lot of people out there who are very grateful to the all the creators who initiated the campaign and I am just one of them.

Let’s hope it brings the changes needed to prevent anyone else going through what I and many others have in various “dodgy” or “illegal” clinical trials worldwide.

If anyone who reads this post would please visit the AllTrials website to sign the petition it would be most appreciated.

As it is an international petition ANYONE in the world can sign it…so after signing please take just a little time to share it with anyone you know.


Because every human on the planet is worth it.



Happy New Year!

© Nicola Jenkins ~ All Rights Reserved


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