The Fuerteventura Rapist And AXA UK Insurance Fraudster Is Called Barry Roe “AKA” Lagerassassin…Just One Of The Men Involved In The Sex Crime’s And Multiple Fraud’s That Later Led To The Khan’s Death’s.

NB. This is the dirty piece of wanktrash that carried out the AXA UK INSURANCE FRAUD WITH THE OTHER SEX OFFENDER’S AND CRIMINAL’S (pretending they were my relative’s in a court of law) THAT LED TO THE DEATH’S OF THE KHAN’S.

When they had spent all the cash that was being passed through the back of the Nationwide Building Society account by Suky Suri and through Citroen Motability by Charlie Maltman and started returning to the UK from Fuerteventura and mainland Spain…the police just laughed and said “ah they’re all coming back now the money has run out”.

The Fuerteventura Rapist, illegal sex tape creator and online/offline distributor of the crime scene images and fraudster is called Barry Roe.

Here is a picture of the Fuerteventura Rapist : According to Facebook, exposing the online rapist/troll was one of my biggest moments of 2013.

Fuerteventura Rapist Image

This Is Barry Roe The Fuerteventura Rapist, Illegal Sex Tape Creator, Distributor And Fraudster.

Personally, I think having to expose a rapist and sex case fraudster online, instead of being allowed to report the crimes to police like other women, is a disgusting moment, not a big one!

This Medical Daily article on trolls sums up the Fuerteventura Rapist And Fraudster really well. Describes his personality to a T.

Facebook should be taking legal action against him/all the others involved for posting the illegal rape content (crime scene images) on Facebook where it was visible and viewed by minors. Not doing so, makes it look like they approve of the crimes and support online sex offenders.

He is also an online hoster of obscene images and child abuse images. This can be verified from the server data of his many websites hosted online from 2008/2014. Web hosts like GoDaddy and Bet360 should be ashamed of themselves hosting his illegal and vile content and should be sued.

He is also a psychopathic online troll who incessantly stalks not just his victims but people his victims know. Then calls the police and tells them his victims are stalking him, when they haven’t paid him the slightest bit of attention in over four years. THUS WASTING POLICE TIME WHICH IS A CRIMINAL OFFENCE. Very disturbed.

He is the son of Sandra Roe (the one who had five kids by five different dads, not nice and respectable Sandra) of Costa Golf 1, Antigua, Neuvo Horizonte, Fuerteventura. One of the women who helped spend the cash on massages and goods of greed and the resort where the organised and paid for sex crimes took place between 17th and 29th March 2010.

His birthdate is 13th December 1982.

He is currently living in Lanarkshire in Scotland with Kelly Paterson, another of the shameful women also involved in the fraud/spending of the fraudulent money and caught bragging about it on Facebook. As was her mother Anne/Jean Browne. Yes, a whole family of disgusting thieves and criminals. I don’t think there is one decent, law-abiding one out of the lot of them. You can only feel sorry for any children amongst all the sex case, thieving criminals…poor kids.

Rapist And Cumdumpsters Image

The Rapist And Dirty Thieves Spending The Fraudulant Nationwide Building Society Money At The Barceló Spa Hotel In Fuerteventura. Just 7 Days After Charlie Maltman At Bath Rd Citroen Put The Extra Motabilty Car/s Through The Books Using My Details To Commit His And The Gangs Fraud. I’m Sure Nationwide Building Society Have A very Good Reason For Giving The Cash Away To My Sex Attackers And Fraudster Murder Conspirators. REMEMBER THIS WAS NOT A HACK…Suky Suri “NEVER” Placed The Funds “IN” my account. The Funds Were Laundered Through The Back Of The Accounts. YES SHE LITERALLY GAVE IT AWAY.

He goes under the alias of Lagerassassin online for sick/perverted or sport stuff. Or Brightspark on the Fuerteventura Forum. Along with many other aliases used to abuse and hound many others online. Mainly women and children.

Luckily For This Rapist Whose Sour Cream Rifle Smelt Like A Dead Rat Things Are Looking Up.

Luckily For This Rapist Whose Sour Cream Rifle Smelt Like A Dead Rat Things Are Looking Up.

© Nicola Jenkins ~ All Rights Reserved.


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