I’ve Never Lived In Guilford Or Woking. It Was Gypsy Police Officer Clara Jane Penfold. Gypsy Harry Downes MD Of Fizzy Livings Mate Who Lived In Guilford.

It was THAMES VALLEY GYPSY POLICE OFFICER Clara Jane Penfold/Breaker who lived in Guilford/Woking.

Before she sold up everything there to go to the USA with £800, 000 (when Suky Suri laundered the money through my Nationwide Building Society accounts and Charlie Maltman switched the Motability cars for the Gypsy and Asian crime gang) for lung surgery that did not exist.

I moved in to my rented (not bought – I’ve never bought any property or land anywhere and never will) Thames Valley Housing Association Home at 18 Neptune Way Slough SL1 5UT in December 2000.

And left it July 2016.

It was a new build property when I moved in and I am the first and only tenant who has rented it.

I was and always have been the sole tenant to rent this property from Thames Valley Housing between 2000/2016 and no-one other than my two children (now adults) have ever lived at the property with me.

My children’s names have never been included on my rental tenancy due to their ages nor has anyone else’s names ever been included on my rental tenancy agreement and nor will anyone else’s name ever be on my rental tenancy.


When I give up the house and end my tenancy due to their sick crimes and domestic violence (not doing an exchange with anyone OR going to Slough Borough Council…just a bit longer and the property will be in a condition to hand back) the sex case fraudster freaks will be nothing to do with me and I will be getting an injunction against Nanda and them for their sick sex crimes, paedophile crimes, fraud and abuse.

Then I will campaign my arse off to get them closed down for sex crimes and fraud against tenants and tenants children and relatives.

NB. All the sex crimes and fraud have only taken place under Geeta Nandas and Harry Downes reign…since she teamed up with sex offenders and criminals for fraudulent cash and business favours.

Before she took over and gypsy criminal thug, Harry Downes, was employed by them, it was a great organisation and I had never had ANY problems with them.

Guilford Gypsies Address Image

The Gypsies And Corrupt Officials Who Were Trying To Commit Fraud/Did Commit Fraud With My Medical Negligence Case Were From This Area ~ BUT THE ADDRESS IS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME.


Guilford Gypsies Image

Nope I Never Married A Paul Glasper Either. I Have Never Been Married. I’ve Been Single Over 15yrs Through Choice…And Loving It! I Will Never Marry Anyone EVER.

It was the Clara Jane Penfold, who then changed her name to Clara Jane Breaker, case that took place in Guildford.



I’ve Never Had £800, 000.


You can read more on her “fake story” on The Mirror newspaper link at the bottom of this blog post.

Thames Valley Police Clara Jane Penfold/Breaker

Thames Valley Police Officer Clara Jane Penfold/Breaker In The Mirror Newspaper.

 I stopped following her case prior to the operation that NEVER TOOK PLACE.

She changed her name and the Facebook page she “raised” the money on, is no longer there.

I’m sure others can find out what happened and how she is doing now.

In fact, people should be checking because she never had the operation and the case was scam.

Odd that The Mirror, media and journos who were involved in her case and “raising” the money didn’t follow her journey to America after the £800,000 money was “raised” though.

I’d have thought it would have helped her case and let those who donated know what happened to her and their “donations” of £800,000…when Suky Suri run all that money through the back of my Nationwide Building Society Accounts.

NB. It was MY CHEST X-RAYS used in the above case. It was ME with the severe immune complex disorder. It was ME with the excessive antibodies (thyroid peroxidase at 1835) attacking vital organs. And it was ME who needed oxygen due to iron saturation levels being around 5.

Not the fit and healthy gypsy copper in The Mirror photo above, whose fraud crimes have cost me my life…manslaughter.

Chief Constable Francis Habgood needs to be held accountable for his coppers crime.

© Nicola Jenkins ~ All Rights Reserved.


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