Groupe Breizh-Poellrezh ~ AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE LADIES!

The group of people behind this website are The Fuerteventura Rapist And Fraudsters and Quadorables friends who cloned my old Webs website. They used to post on the Webs forums using the name “Error In Profile” along with another activist type of poster from Scotland, called “That’s What She Said”. They took a “shine” to me (med neg cash) when I was asking for help with my website on the Webs forums and tried to set me up into going to France but I saw through them, their lies and their online fantasy lives and trolling. Plus I don’t do boats and especially not ferries.They used to pretend to me and other people that they owned Brittany Ferries. What desperate and sad individuals they are in their fantasy world.

Internet Nutters Image

The Individuals Who Cloned My Website And Tried To Set Me Up Into Going To France.

They wanted me to “go for a holiday to their luxury mansion” but had I of gone, the sex crimes that took place against me in Fuerteventura by their rapist mate, would have taken place in France instead. ALL ONE GROUP OF INDIVIDUALS THAT SPEND TOO MUCH TIME ONLINE TROLLING AND LIVING IN THEIR MAKE BELIEVE WORLDS AND BACKDOOR FORUMS WHERE EVERYTHING ILLEGAL GOES ON. Thankfully, the people behind this site have not contacted me since their mate Barry Roe the Fuerteventura Rapist raped me and nor do I wish any contact with them. I cannot prove 100% without doubt that they were involved in the sex crimes or the med neg fraud, so I have placed them under websites, instead of online sex offenders and sex case fraudsters, like their mates. Luckily for them, they can enjoy their rugby without the world viewing them as online sex cases like their mates eh! Unless of course I find out otherwise. THEN I WILL PLASTER THEM ALL OVER THE INTERNET WITH THE CORRECT TITLES.

NB. All the emails the people behind this group used to send me between 2009 and 2010 can be traced from the Hotmail account In fact, police should be tracing them. It should be a priority. I had to block them from contacting me in the end and close the email account down in 2010 as they were so persistent and failed to stop contacting, me when requested.

© Nicola Jenkins ~ All Rights Reserved.


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