Can I Borrow Your Phone Please?

It’s not often I carry a phone and I must certainly be a rarity in todays modern world, where most are glued to theirs. Mine sits in a drawer happily forgotten. I don’t even know my number. Nor do I wish to. I don’t have a smart phone either (no whistle-blower ever should) and usually die of embarrassment when mine is pulled out in a public place. A phones a phone, right?

My Snazzy Phone Image

It Should Of Had A Borrower Beware Label On It! © Image Copyright With Original Owner.

Yesterday was extra embarrassing for me and the guy who asked “Can I borrow your phone please?”.

“Of course you can” was my reply. I actually had it on me, it had credit and a little extra stuff I was unaware of.

The guy made his quick call for a taxi and at the same time wiped his cheek and neck.

As he handed it back to me he asked “Do you know your phone is wet?”.

After collecting my thoughts for about 15 seconds…it registered and I gasped.

“Ooooops I’m sorry I dropped it in dog piss this morning”.

MORAL OF THE STORY…Never borrow someone else’s phone. You never know where it has been :)

© Nicola Jenkins ~ All Rights Reserved.


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