The Police And Housing Knew Full Well They Were Robbing And Abusing A Terminally Ill Disabled Woman For Nothing And Without Provocation!

THE POLICE KNEW FULL WELL THEY WERE ABUSING A LAW ABIDING, TERMINALLY ILL, DISABLED WOMAN FOR FUN AND WITH NO PROVOCATION AND THEIR CRIMES WOULD DELAY AND PREVENT HER CASE BEING HEARD WHICH WOULD CAUSE HER UNNECESSARY AND HASTENED DEATH because Tom O’Brien, custody sergeant at Maidenhead Police station, is a relative/family member and PCSO Elizabeth Davidson also from the Maidenhead base has known me since I was 15 years old, when I was HER CLEANER.

The only reason I am not in contact with Tom O’Brien and all the other relatives anymore is because Shirley Ann Stoker of The National Drug Prevention Alliance, my EX grandmother and his grandmother by marriage to my cousin, Lucy Fairweather, stole my inheritance via fraud with her solicitor, Ron Kerslake. THEY STILL HAVE NOT RETURNED WHAT THEY STOLE FROM ME DESPITE KNOWING I WAS HAEMORRHAGING OVER FLOORS AND NEEDED THE MONEY FOR URGENT MEDICAL CARE.

So if I have unnecessary and untreatable cancer this thieving pair need to be charged with contributory manslaughter too, along with the other criminals. Stoker treated my poor mother like shit for her whole life right up to her death too just like she has me…which was why my great-grandmother looked out so much for my mum and me and adored us both.

climbing mount sinai image

My Aunt And Uncle The Fairweathers Seen Sponsoring Me Here Are Tom O’Briens Mother In Law And Father In Law

The only reason I am no longer in contact with Elizabeth Davidson is because in 2010 her on/off lover trashed my home which cost over £1000 to repair and replace goods he wrecked, wore my underwear/clothes and stole my belongings/food/alcohol when he house sat/dog sat for one month (he was the man the monitoring devices that had been illegally placed in my home filmed in Aug/Sept 2010). He just used my house as a party den. I will upload the photos of what the filthy scumbag did to my home shortly. SHE DID NOT EVEN HAVE THE DECENCY TO APOLOGISE FOR THE DAMAGE, DISTRESS OR HARDSHIP HE CAUSED ME. JUST TOLD ME TO DELETE HER FROM EVERYWHERE, SO I DID, WILLINGLY. I DON’T NEED BAD, RUDE AND EXPENSIVE FRIENDS LIKE THAT. She was one of the people who when I was taken ill said “If you need anything just ask”. THAT WAS THE ONLY THING I EVER ASKED OF HER AND IT COST ME FORTUNE. Some mate/acquaintance of 30 years eh!

THE POLICE KNEW FULL WELL WHAT THEY WERE DOING. (Hence why I will be naming and shaming each and every one of them online, right from when that dirty old man DC Alex Boyce appeared in 2010 until now and no amount of abuse or harassment they dish out to me or my relatives will stop me). AS DID ALL THE OTHER DIRTY OLD SCABS INVOLVED IN THE SEX CRIMES AND FRAUD. LOCK THEM IN THEIR WELL EARNED PRISON CAGES WITHOUT OXYGEN AND THROW AWAY THE KEYS.

AND THE POLICE WONDER WHY NO-ONE BELIEVES THE DEATH OF PHILMORE MILLS WAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. It is because many innocent and law-abiding people in the Thames Valley Region have been abused/harassed/harmed by the thugs, sometimes also known as Thames Valley Police, for NO REASON and therefore know exactly what they are like and how aggressive and violent they are.

The worst ones though, are the ones that set their eyes on dying disabled woman’s medical negligence compensation meant for care…AND WOULD EVEN STOOP TO MURDER TO GET IT. Many who have transferred down here from Scotland, funnily enough.



© Nicola Jenkins ~ All Rights Reserved.


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