Family Friends Vets In Cippenham ~ Slough

Family Friends Vets Practice in Cippenham are nothing to do with me.

I removed my dog’s from this vets practice in 2011 when Mr Spitzer, my vet, suddenly left with no warning to me/other’s (he started this vet surgery in Reading) and the Gill family from the Midlands took over…buying it with money from the fraud’s.

Chris Gill is Indergit (Indy) Gill of Thames Valley Housing Association’s brother.

Along with Dave Gill…better known in Slough as DJ Davey G and currently living it up on the stolen cash, in Florida.

I had one appointment at the surgery in 2011 after the Gills had suddenly taken over, for my male American Bulldog, Patch (now dead…he died in mysterious circumstances as did one of my pups just before all my other pups and their mum were butchered) to have his regular yearly booster vaccination as usual and I was a little concerned when Ms Subo Gill (wife of Chris) requested to take him off to a back room without me.


I can only assume that this was when his identification chip that I had fitted when he was a six month old pup and registered to my address 18 Neptune Way Slough SL1 5UT was tampered with/changed. (I still have his ID tag and all documents for this).

It took place at the same time Charlie Maltman committed the Motability fraud and Suky Suri committed the Nationwide Building Society Fraud.

It also coincided with the fraud of my medical negligence case being carried out and the Fizzy empire being borne.

It also coincided with the Thames Valley police officer with the very distinctive tribal tattoo covering his whole arm from shoulder to wrist, knocking at my home and taking my signature for “his little black book”.

Due to Indergit Gill of Thames Valley Housing and Dave Gill, DJ from Slough, I decided to remove my animals from this veterinary practice in Autumn 2011 when I learned the Gills had taken over, and found another vet instead.

Funnily enough after all this took place, in 2013 when the bedroom tax came into force, Thames Valley Housing Association were trying to pretend to others I was living in the Midlands and issued a fraudulent rent card to pay my bedroom tax to a housing association (Fabrick Housing) up North.

When they knew full well I was in my home in Neptune Way in Slough fitting, stroking and haemorrhaging over floors, being deprived of my vital medication and being abused by them and their police colleague’s along with many more involved in all the fraud’s.

Proper psychopathic sex case nutters!

After David Stride of Slough Borough Council took my pup’s and their mum in March 2015, this was the vets he took them to, to be cruelly killed.


Family Friends Vets Image

I Removed My Animals From This Vets Practice In 2011.

© Nicola Jenkins ~ All Rights Reserved.


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