I Had To Give My Signature To This Company On 13/02/2015

As people are already fully aware Central Heating Services LTD from Hampshire are the company the corrupt insurers teamed up with, for their boiler servicing package. It is also the company my housing association use for tenants boilers (Naz bought the CM detector to my house with the monitoring device in, in 2011) and heating systems.

Last week I had to give my signature to this company…so if ANY fraud or other funny business starts AGAIN now…this is the origin.

NB. That in no way implicates the lovely and brilliant man, who attended my home and sensibly capped off the gas supply, as I have not used gas in my home for years, since 2011, when the judicial fraud took place/monitoring devices were placed in my home and crime spree was in full force and still going on. So they have come to service a boiler that is never used and gas off at the mains. A total waste of money and time. Just that my signature was placed on their files/system again on 13/02/2015.

Signature Image© Nicola Jenkins ~ All Rights Reserved.


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