Molly And Buddy…My American Bulldog’s

American Bulldogs Image

We Can Share Ball…Yeah?

American Bulldog Image

“Buddy Barker”

American Bulldog Image

“Molly Moo”

American Bulldogs Image

Tennis Ball Lasts Two Minutes!

American Bulldog Image

He’s Going To Be A Big Lad!

American Bulldog Image

And She’s A Greedy Gannet!

American Bulldog Image

Nah You Can Have It…Nah You Can Have It…Nah You Can Have It!

American Bulldog Image

Are You Having It Then Or What?!

American Bulldog Image


American Bulldog Image

30kgs Of I Eat Everything In Sight…Even Food Out Of Buddy Barkers Mouth. And I’m Only Six Months Old :)

American Bulldog Image

35kgs Of I’m A Big Boy Now. And If I Run Fast Enough And Jump High Enough I Can Almost Get On My Mummies Kitchen Side!

American Bulldog Image

If You Think I’m A Beautiful Girl Please Give Me A Like…Slobbers At Ya!

American Bulldog Image

If You Think I’m A Handsome Chap Please Give Me A Like…Slobbers At Ya!

American Bulldog Image

I Eat Eye For Ball…Animal Version Of I Shag For Beer!

Here are my two beautiful fur babies, Molly Moo and Buddy Barker. Six months old and cheated death twice already! Buddy was the runt of the litter (I delivered 15 in total…sadly only 11 survived) and born so tiny and weak, I never thought he would survive. After bottle feeding (4) and many sleepless nights and long days he slowly began to gain weight and catch up with the gang at haste. He is now a lively and boisterous nutter!. Molly was born and had a cord bleed as Lucy bit the cord too short. It was the most terrifying thing I have had to deal with, in an emergency with an animal. I literally had to pick her up (with Lucy trying to stop me) put her in a saucepan of warm water and get it tied immediately…not easy because of my failing eyes and not so good fingers. I was just so relieved the bleeding stopped. Since that moment I have had a real soft spot for her. She is now a strong and determined young madam.

The pair would be lost without each other and me without them!

THANK GOODNESS I NEVER LET THEM GO…I’ve lost more dogs to death in a few months than most pet owners lose in their lifetime. The conning murderers will get their karma. Evil psychos.

In hindsight, I wish I’d just kept them all and moved out of my rented house immediately. I just didn’t have the financial means or good health, to do it at such short notice. I needed an advocate/assistance but couldn’t find anyone to help. NEVER WILL I LET ANYONE ELSE NEAR MY DOGS UNLESS I AM WITH THEM. EVER!

American Bulldog ImageAmerican Bulldog Image© Nicola Jenkins ~ All Rights Reserved.


3 thoughts on “Molly And Buddy…My American Bulldog’s

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