Why Fiona Mactaggart MP Of Slough Didn’t Get My Vote In The 2015 General Election

NB. Fiona Mactaggart has now resigned as the MP of Slough.

1) She has held her seat for 18 years and the town and its vital services have been run into the ground during that time. All public services are failing and almost all are under investigation as they are not being run in a suitable way. A typical Labour led town.


Slough has become a laughing-stock worldwide and is now known publicly as the “Toilet Of Berkshire”. 


Many have said it will never recover now and I am inclined to agree. It goes further downhill each year.

2) The Paedophilia Crisis. Ignored by everyone who should have listened when I first started blowing the whistle in 2009/2010.

Genuine truthful voices like mine, couldn’t be heard above the left wing loons, getting police to chase VIP ghosts!

Then covered up at every level to hide their failings, shame and the life long damage done to the victims of the genuine grooming and paedophile crimes.


And horrendous crimes being carried out against the exposer.

IE. Me.

3) Police stalking, crimes, abuse, thuggery and fraud carried out against me spanning 9 years, since Andy Burnham GM Mayor the then useless health minister (the police are Labours glove and hate the Tories with a vengeance) and his dirty old men pals from the NHS Justice Group were obsessively stalking me, despite being told to stop contacting me repeatedly and my medical case started being defrauded over and over by the left wing thugs.

While I was just sat in my home ill, fitting, stroking, haemorrhaging over floors, crippled in pain, being deprived of my high dose pain relief, vital life-sustaining medication and healthcare needed.


Dangerous coppers and corrupt officials like this are the norm nowadays. Not the exception.

Oh and they said if I ever get my inheritance, compensation and damages they will just kick my door in and take what ever they want (like they did with my puppies).

Thank goodness I’ve saved/documented literally everything as evidence.

I will be printing everything online for the world to see…as the police didn’t address ANY of the long list of crimes.

I always used to wonder why people referred to them as “the filth

Now I know.

It’s taking so long because I have over 2000 screenshots, documents and photos and I like to back up everything I say with evidence or sources.

Unlike the judicial fraudster criminals and sorry ass corrupt state officials involved in the crimes of this this case that caused the Khans deaths, I don’t do lies or libel, just truth and facts.

Fiona Mactaggart Image

Fiona Mactaggart Knew About The Sex And Fraud Crimes Being Carried Out Against Me And Relatives In 2012 BECAUSE I WROTE TO HER…I’ve Lost Count Of The Times My Son Has Been Kidnapped And Raped By Geeta Nandas/Harry Downes Contractor Men Since Writing To Fiona Mactaggart. SO IF YOU ARE RELYING ON THIS MP OR ANY OTHER LABOUR MPs TO STOP SEX SLAVERY DON’T BOTHER. You’d Be Better Off Singing “Lets Do The Time Warp Again”. Slough Is Stuck In A Time Warp And Going Nowhere Under Labour.

4) Murdering of my innocent and healthy dog’s by ex-police officer David Stride of Slough Borough Council because I blew the whistle on the police (and others) involved in the sex crimes and many frauds against myself and relatives.

People who will murder innocent and healthy animals to prove a point (that didn’t work or silence me) or to try and silence someone about crimes committed against them are dangerous individuals who are mentally disturbed.


So yeah, the Labour council is now associated with murdering innocent animals on top of all the fraud and everything else.

Just so the council and housing association could get my signatures to carry out more financial fraud of my medical case.

5) Household rubbish not being collected by Amey/SBC for months at a time causing rat/mice and pest infestations in the towns areas and at our hospitals.

People don’t expect to share footpaths with rats whilst out shopping in 2015.

It’s like being transported back to the Victorian days and totally unacceptable and shocking.

NOT to mention a health hazard.

Why on earth the council pay a fortune to this contract company is beyond me…Oops sorry I forgot it is Labour run.

Thus low standards are accepted as the norm.

Hence why there are rats and vermin everywhere.

6) Healthcare that is not only not fit for purpose but downright dangerous.

Failure to address this and rectify it in almost two decades shows there is no hope of good healthcare in Slough with Labour at the helm.

If ever.

Without good health (which comes from good healthcare and facilities) people have nothing.

Despite the local hospital being taken over by the government and it being given a spangley new name because it had become such an embarrassment, hospitals are still failing and just recently Upton Hospital was awarded just one star…the lowest rating that could be given.

Changing a Trusts name, the CEO and nothing else was never going to improve anything.

It’s like putting rotten food in a recipe and expecting a Michelin rated meal on the table. Not going to happen.

Appetising Munchies Image

My Local Hospitals Are Still Failing…And Getting Worse. This was Food At The Local Hospital! Image Copyright Daily Mirror.

7) Rapists and sex attackers in our local hospitals. Shameful that only  two have been caught so far.

8) Ethnic minority criminals targeting women and children and whose crimes are not challenged/prosecuted or prevented through peoples’ fear of being branded racist.

A typical example of this being the Asian/gypsy criminals at Thames Valley Housing and Thames Valley Police who have targeted myself and relatives since 2009/2010 and are employed knowingly by CEO Geeta Nanda and Thames Valley Police.

That is just one example.

9) Dangerous doctors like Dr Phillip Reginald committing serious crimes against women in our local hospitals and allowed to continue working, when they have committed dangerous crimes and shouldn’t even be free on our streets, let alone in our hospitals and free to harm others.

Any doctor who commits such crimes clearly has issues that need addressing AND before he harms other women with his deceitful crimes.

10) Criminals given free rein to rape women, men and children. Women, men and children then being blocked BY POLICE from reporting their rapes, sexual assaults and other crimes.

In my case, police and MPs being involved in the organised rape, frauds and crimes.


11) State funded drug dealers (like the ones involved in the frauds of my medical case) using their council homes in Langley, to sell drugs to all and sundry including children for over 20 years and police and MPs turning a blind eye to it because certain police officers are also involved in the supply chain (like the ones involved in the frauds and money laundering of my medical case).

13) She knew about the threats and abuse Rubina Khan was enduring in 2012/2013 when I wrote to her. And did nothing.

When Rubina and Amaar Khan died in 2014, she went straight to Downing Street with one of her grieving relatives, Mr Khan, to get action and answers. TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE.

This is just a small list from many things.

I contacted Fiona Mactaggart in 2012 about the hospital overdosing by Dr Phillip Reginald that lead to catastrophic arterial brain damage, permanent disability and death sentence, kidnap, rape, sex crimes, paedophilia and fraud crimes along with all the other crimes listed on these blogs carried out against myself and family and she did absolutely nothing.

Not even a visit.

Mind you I didn’t expect anything else. It was her Labour councillor, May Dodds (now in Scotland) that applied for my care funding in 2006 and I’ve still not had one minute of care or help or funding between 2006 when I left hospital, until now in 2018.

Nor the damages/compensation I am legally and ethically entitled to.

Just basic state benefits.

And not a penny more.

Despite her knowing I was sat there being abused by Thames Valley Housing and Thames Valley/MET police, denied healthcare and vital surgery and medication, fitting, stroking and by then haemorrhaging regularly over floors having quite probably developed unnecessary cervical cancer, due to the criminals crimes that began years earlier.


In contrast I’ve had many visits and leaflets (I ignored) to my home address in the lead up to the election, begging for my vote for Labour.

labour Image

NOPE…people have just woken up to what a dirty corrupt party Labour really are and few wanted to vote for them in GE 2015. No worries for Fiona in Slough though…holding her seat was a forgone conclusion.

In my opinion, which counts for nothing, the woman has sat back and knowingly watched everything…and did nothing or far less than she could have.

Therefore complicit, just like everyone else.


I do believe she got fewer votes in this election than 2010 (someone can correct me if I’m wrong) and it was a very close call with the Conservatives.



And that is why I will NEVER vote again.

When you have to vote for two conflicting parties to “make your vote count” it is time to give up voting.

UK politics are in a real mess…as always.

I just hope BURNHAM doesn’t become the new Labour leader now…media should of been door stopping him (he and they know why) NOT UMUNNA!

marge simpson image

This Picture Is What Sparked The Post Election Riots :)

© Nicola Jenkins ~ All Rights Reserved.


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