I No Longer Give Donations To “ANY” Dog Or Animal Charities Because

Dogs In Squalor Image

When I See Dogs Being Kept In Conditions Like This By A Charity In Spain I Wonder Where All The Donations Are Going And Have Been Going. They Certainly Aren’t Being Spent On Good Living Conditions For The Dogs As Can Be Seen Here! I KEPT 14 DOGS/PUPPIES (temporarily for 6 months) WITH NO HELP FROM ANYONE AND THEY LIVED LIKE KINGS AND QUEENS WITH THE BEST OF EVERYTHING. NEVER WOULD I HAVE ALLOWED THEM TO LIVE IN SQUALOR LIKE THIS. Terrible conditions to keep dogs in.

Also, when we caught the RSPCA committing blatant fraud with my dogs (someone had a wedding to pay for so got involved in the fraud to help fund the wedding) and trying to claim funds for dogs they didn’t have and a dead dog that didn’t even exist, it woke up many to the world of disgusting charities defrauding members of the public, with untrue sob stories.

Always be WARY of mainstream media articles like this claiming the RSPCA are spending thousands on animal care for animals they are “helping” because as we have seen with my case THEY WILL OPENLY LIE AND DECIEVE TO GARNER FUNDS FROM UNSUSPECTING INNOCENTS, WHO FALL FOR THEIR LIES AND DECEPTION.

THAT IS WHY I NO LONGER DONATE TO “ANY” ANIMAL CHARITIES…I’m not a gullible idiot that falls for spouted spiel!

© Nicola Jenkins ~ All Rights Reserved.


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