Ooh The Irony…Scammers Outing Scammers!

38 Degrees Image

38 Degrees Who Helped The Fraud Gang Defraud And Scam My Medical Negligence Case In 2011/2012 Exposing Scammers. I’m Not Sure Which Is Worse…The Fact They Are Deceitful Criminals Involved In Fraud Or The Fact They Are Deceitful Hypocrites Involved In Fraud. Oh And They Weren’t Conned Into Committing Fraud By The NHS And Insurers…They Chose To Engage In Fraud For Cash Hoping They Wouldn’t Get Found Out. But They Did Get Caught Out. Just Like Geeta Nanda, Indergit Gill, Charlie Maltman And Suky Suri. Just Like Everyone Else Who Has Been Caught Out Too. Like The Spanish Solicitors. Now They Don’t Want Their Name Linked To Robbing A Terminally Ill Disabled Woman On Benefits Who Now Probably Has Unnecessary Cancer Due To Their Crimes Of Greed.

You Can Read About 38 Degrees Greedily Defrauding My Case In 2011/2012 To Line Their Own Pockets Here.

 © Nicola Jenkins ~ All Rights Reserved.


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