The Start Of Something Far Bigger?

Andy Burnham MP'S Flat

Oh Dear Mr Burnham!

Don’t you just love it when someone is caught out…and they create a post starting “For those who are interested”. LMFAO!

WHY WAS THIS NOT PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE BEFORE GE 2015 ON MAY 7TH…voters might of changed their votes based on these findings.

I note it was purchased at roughly the same time that the £900,000 anonymous donation went through Quadron Environment and Cliff The Thug (who looks identical to the thug from Noah’s Ark Environmental who took my dogs with David Stride in March 2015) attacked me.

I do hope it’s not one of the London flats caught up in all the Thames Valley Housing Association/NHS/Insurers fraud to do with my case though. Especially as Mr Burnham was health minister at that time and his buddies from the NHS Justice Group were trying to get in on my medical negligence case, despite being asked to leave me alone and stop contacting me.


I do hope people don’t dig too deep…you never know what they’ll find with my case and MP’S. Cash and goods in nooks and cranny’s everywhere. INCLUDING IN THE USA AND SPAIN.

Imagine BEING A FULL GROWN MAN AND FORCED into it huh…what a bummer.

Worse still…MAKING NO MONEY FROM IT…not very business man like!

May as well sell it…unless of course “someone” needs to use it, while taxpayers foot the bill for the luxury.

Burnhams Thugs Image

I’ve Lost Count Of The Amount Of People Who Have Complained About The Left Wing Bullying Thugs On Social Networking Sites…But This One Is From An MP In His Own Party! Mind You, You’ve Only Got To Look At The Way They Behaved When Rioting After The Election…Because Labour Didn’t Get A Look In. SHAMEFUL!

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