Have Thames Valley Housing Association Fixed The Leak From My Water Tank From 3 Years Ago Yet?

In short NO.

Central Heating Services LTD have reported it 3 year’s in a row when they have been out to service the boiler and I reported it twice and then gave up because THEY DO NO REPAIRS.


Like I have said over and over, since this Geeta Nanda person took over it has been nothing but sex crime’s, fraud’s and abuse for me and relative’s.

The ceiling has now come in…but I don’t care because I will be moving out of the rented dump that’s falling apart soon.

As far as I’m concerned the dump can fall to the ground around me…I’ll just ignore it all until I move out.

When I move out…they will get the property back in the state of disrepair they have allowed it to fall into.

Once all my lovely belonging’s are removed, it will just be a shitty old social housing dump, run by criminal fraudster’s who mix with all sorts criminal’s.

I can’t wait to leave the abuse.

I’m cancelling their housing benefit shortly too…but staying, until they take me to court and illegally evict me.

I want Nanda in front of a judge over all the sex crime’s, kidnapping’s, rape’s, pedophilia, fraud’s and abuse carried out against me and relative’s by her gypsy and Asian thug’s (Downes/Gills/Et Al) employed at Thames Valley Housing Association.

Remember, gypsy man Downes is only an MD of Fizzy Living (built entirely on fraud) because of all the fraud he and the other dirty criminal’s have pulled off with my medical negligence case/postal fraud’s/credit card fraud etc using my name/case, with his copper mate’s like Boyce and Quarterman covering their asses.

JUST ONE BIG GROUP OF MATE’S INVOLVED IN ORGANISED CRIME…who’d of let a terminally ill disabled woman pay the price for their crime’s.


NOPE…they are all in Spain and the USA now…because Thames Valley Police deliberately kept letting them get away with their fraud and crimes AND LAUGHING IN MY FACE SAYING “YOU CAN’T PROVE WHAT WE’RE DOING TO YOU”.

BUT unfortunately for them, I CAN PROVE IT ALL.

With evidence.

I’ve even got photo’s of all the mail they stole, when they set up the addresse’s at Heathcote House in Middlesex and Middlegreen Industrial Estate in Langley for the postal fraud’s.

Thames Valley Housing Image

It’s Only The Fizzy Living Tenants That Nanda And Her Gang Keep Sweet. Thames Valley Housing Tenants Are Left With Repairs And Breaches Of Health And Safety For Years. As My Blogs And Facebook Screenshots Spanning 5 Years Prove.

© Nicola Jenkins ~ All Rights Reserved.


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