Keith Bristow ~ The Director-General Of The NCA Resigns And Mainstream Media Are Almost SILENT!


Best get someone on it eh.

Public interest and all that jazz.

Not a silly little blogger like me who has been on it since the disgraced SOCA were disbanded but one of those proper journalists, who get paid to get it into print for the public to see, years after us bloggers have already exposed or covered it  :)

This seems to be the ONLY ARTICLE.

Which is most odd.

Especially with Martin Wheatley’s resignation from the FCA at the very same time…Oops I note the mainstream media are not only covering this FCA resignation, they are all over it like a rash.

Will they mention HSBC I wonder?

Keith Bristow Image

© Image Copyright With Fiona Hamilton & Sean O’neill Of The Times.

© Nicola Jenkins ~ All Rights Reserved.


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