My Ex Grandmother Shirley Ann Stoker Of The National Drug Prevention Alliance Is Sergeant Tom O’Brien Of Thames Valley Polices’ Grandmother By Marriage And My Ex Aunt Jackie Fairweather Is His Mother-In-Law.

Yes, my EX grandmother Shirley Ann Stoker of the National Drug Prevention Alliance is Sargeant Tom O’Brien of Maidenhead police stations grandmother by marriage.

He is married to my cousin Lucy Fairweather.

Daughter of my Aunt Jackie Fairweather.

My dead mothers sister and Shirley Ann Stoker’s other daughter, who died 16th March 1990.

Lucy is best friend of Fiona Domenica/Puglia, the USA film script writer (she did not/will never have permission to make a film about my brain haemorrhage’s because she is nothing to do with me and knows nothing about my case other than what she has read online) from Langley.

Fiona is the daughter of Veronica Domenica/Puglia, The Face of Slough.

As is Amy Domenica/Puglia.

Amy is best friend of my other cousin, Beth Fairweather.

These people are UKIP Councillor Diana Coad’s pals…NOTHING TO DO WITH ME/MY MEDICAL CASE.

Diana Coad, patron of Dorney Animal Sanctuary.

I don’t know why this is all being hidden…unless of course it is because of all the fraud’s between 2009/2017 that police are trying to cover up…and not very well I might add.

If Fiona Puglia/Shirley Ann Stoker want to make a USA film or write a book about brain haemorrhage’s they will have to use my mums case, who died in 1990.

Over a quarter of a century ago!


They most certainly don’t have permission to use me or my case in any way for anything.

Never have.

Never will.

And just where did Fiona Domenica/Puglia get that £100, 000 BMW convertible?!

I do not mix with these ex-relative’s and long term family friends and have not for a over decade. Since 2004/2005.

This is because I committed the awful crime of…SHIRLEY ANN STOKER STEALING OFF ME AND MY GREAT GRANDMOTHER.

No other reason.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.


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