Is It True I Contacted Fiona Mactaggart MP About The Fraud And Cover Ups Of This Case In 2012 Two Years Prior To The Khans Deaths And She Did NOTHING!

Yes that is correct. I contacted the Slough MP about the fraud and cover ups in this case in 2012 and SHE DID NOTHING!

The Khans died in 2014…due to the mess the corrupt insurers, dirty NHS and bent officials and campaigners got her in and were willing to leave her in.

Good to see she is now supporting the Khans in their grief.

Maybe if she had done her job in 2012 instead of doing nothing and letting the fraudsters and cover ups continue (the cash was too good to stop the fraud and cover ups) the Khans might be alive eh!

She should now be DEMANDING A PUBLIC ENQUIRY INTO THEIR DEATHS as the fraud and crimes involve government officials, police etc. But then Fiona Mactaggart already knows that.

See what happens when people try to protect criminal doctors and bent insurers for cash…THEY GET IN A RIGHT OLD MESS.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.