If I Have Never Taken Legal/Court Action Against The NHS Or Insurers Which Judge Or Magistrate Allowed A Group Of Paedophile Fraudsters And Bent Officials To Fraudulently Take My Medical Case To Court With Stolen And Falsified Medical Notes And Add A Fraudulent DNAR Order To My Medical Notes?

A very dangerous Judge or Magistrate that’s who.

No one seems to want to take accountability for being that Judge or Magistrate, as the crime and criminals have now more than likely left me with unnecessary and untreatable cancer (manslaughter) on top of the original harm done by the NHS/Insurers and the Khans dead (probable murder).

The Judge or Magistrate (not an idiot or conned) needs to be held responsible and accountable for that and the judicial fraud.

Not to mention, all the cash that they garnered from the frauds (along with the Heathcote and Middlegreen postal fraud/Motability fraud/Nationwide fraud/Barcelo Spa fraud/Spanish solicitors fraud and Clara Jane Penfold/Breaker case) and used to fund one of the worst paedophile and crime scandals the UK has ever encountered.

Along with drug trafficking, people trafficking, gun crime, prostitution houses, crime dens, worldwide property fraud, mortgage fraud and all sorts of other serious organised crime in the UK, SPAIN, USA and AUSTRALIA.

So basically, that Judge or Magistrate who allowed a bunch of paedo sex beast criminals to commit the judicial fraud needs to be sacked and charged with their crimes.

Oh and never forget, when I was trying to report all the crimes between 2010/2018, the bent police involved in all the crimes were on my doorstep laughing at me and saying “You can’t prove what we’re doing to you.”

I can’t imagine how their police colleagues felt, when they had to scrape the Khans innocent bodies off Slough train tracks, due to their corrupt copper mates and fraudsters crimes.

Especially when they knew exactly who ALL the fraudsters were and that they had been committing their crimes since 2009/2010.

But refused to stop them, because of who they were and because the fraudulent cash was too good for them to stop.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved


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