The MPs Involved In The Fraud Of This Case Are Not Involved In An Expenses Scandal. They Are Involved In A High Worth Conspiracy To Murder Fraud That Has Left A Woman And Child Dead So Don’t Watch The Mainstream Media Hide This With The Panama Papers And Paradise Papers.

The Panama and Paradise papers are nothing but a weak distraction.

Who remembers when I exposed the CQC for teaming up with the corrupt and dangerous closed down Europ Assistance Insurers and issuing them with a fake health registration to an illegal company (Aria Assistance) they had set up that did not even officially exist, along with all the kidnappings, robbery, rape, paedophilia and all sorts of other nasty business that occurred?

Europ/Aria Assistance UK Fraudsters

Europ/Aria Assistance UK Fraudsters



Instead, the mainstream media pulled Julie Bailey (Cure The NHS) out of the bag, with her dog poo terror.

We all know how dangerous dog poo is, compared to serious organised crime, rapists and paedophiles eh.

When police investigated there was no dog poo or anything else.

Just a couple of unkind internet comments from a man that quite frankly, most rational people would have ignored.

Oddly though, the same media did not cover her NHS trip to Spain right after the Browne Jacobson Solicitors/Europ Assistance/NHS fraud of my medical case took place in the Midlands, that did exist and is very much a public interest story that needs covering.

Cure The NHS...Julie Bailey Image

Julie Bailey Of Cure The NHS. © Image Copyright Getty Images And BBC.

First, offshore does not mean illegal.

Secondly, there is no law that states every individual must disclose private financial details for all to see.

So right here right now, there is no scandal or evidence of wrongdoing regarding the Panama and Paradise papers.

That will quite probably change in the coming months but is more likely to involve corrupt banking/legal/insurance institutions than MPs themselves.

There is however, a bunch of very sick MPs embroiled in a high worth conspiracy to murder plot with other bent officials, NHS and insurers, that has quite probably left me with unnecessary and untreatable cancer and that has left an innocent woman and child dead.

Slough Train Station

The Aftermath Of Rubina And Amaar Khans Horrific And Unnecessary Deaths. Image Copyright Remains With The Daily Mail.

BUT THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA HAVE KEPT IT HIDDEN SINCE 2009/2010…allowing the sick MPs and other dirty officials and criminals to continue their crimes for high worth fraudulent gain.

Using my medical case.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.


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