CORRECTION : Rubina Khan Did Not Stand Or Become A Labour Councillor In The End

In the end, another lady, also a solicitor called Harpreet Aujla stood for election as my local councillor. It was May 2012 (not 2011). I don’t know what happened to this lady or if she became councillor. THAT IS NOT SAYING THIS LADY IS INVOLVED IN MY CASE.

I apologise for saying Rubina Khan did become a councillor.

Unfortunately, politics in Slough is so topsy turvey you never know who’s standing, who’s defecting to another party, who’s leaving and who’s left!

Worse still, who’s standing under a different name because under another, THEY WOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO STAND!

You can only be sure that Fiona Mactaggart will always be MP. Check out HER new Twitter photo…looking absolutely stunning and ready for elections. She scrubs up very well indeed.

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