Jack Jenkins Is Not My Carer, Has Never Been My Carer And Never Will Be My Carer.

My son left home in 2005…the year before my brain haemorrhages and illness began.

When I was taken ill in Turkey, in May 2006, on our family holiday, he spent one night at the hospital caring for me (he was superb) before flying back to England with my grandson.

That is the ONLY care my son has provided for me between 2006/2016.

Any of the few odd jobs that he has done for me on his occasional visits during this time, I have paid him out of my state benefits of ESA/DLA.

I have NEVER claimed Carers Allowance just ESA/DLA.

When the grubby little thieves Shirley Ann Stoker and Ron Kerslake return the inheritance they stole from me via deception and fraud, Dr Phillip Reginald pays the damages and compensation he legally owes me and Patrick Leroy pays the damages and compensation his company legally owes me…I WILL PROVIDE AND PAY FOR THE CARE AND SAFE LIVING ACCOMODATION MYSELF WITHOUT ANY STATE OR OUTSIDE INVOLVEMENT, EVER.

If the grubby thieves, dangerous and criminal doctor and corrupt and psychopathic insurers don’t pay what they have fraudulently stolen and legally owe I WILL CONTINUE TO SIT HERE AS I HAVE SINCE LEAVING HOSPITAL IN 2006 AND DIE SLOWLY WITH NO CARE.

Never forget though, as I was sat here suffocating, stroking, fitting and haemorrhaging over floors without oxygen when needed and vital life-sustaining medication and pain relief, the disgusting animals you are reading about on this blog were spunking my care funds they obtained deceptively on themselves.

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