I’m Not Dr Rita Pals Protege Or Anything Else…The Woman Has Never Even Spoken To Me!

I’m not Dr Rita Pals protégé or anything else.

The woman has never spoken to me.

The woman has never met me.

I sent her 6/7 blogs via email for her NHS Exposed blog in late 2009, AND THAT IS IT.

I did not share any personal information with her or even discuss my case with her. EVER.

She is nothing to do with me or my case and never has been. Just a stranger on the internet.

Nor are any other campaigners.

I spoke to Will Powell twice on the phone. I spoke to Janet Brooks once, at a brief 20 minute meeting.

The only person involved in my case is ME. It has only ever been ME.

NO CAMPAIGNERS PAID THE SLIGHTEST BIT OF INTEREST IN MY CASE BETWEEN 2010/2016…other than the sex beast fraudsters trying to get their hands on the fraudulent cash from it and bump me off.

Not so much as an email or message from ANY…and that’s fine by me because they’re not my kind of people and I’m not theirs.

I will not be teaming up with ANY CAMPAIGNERS OR CAMPAIGNS at this late stage…just making sure ALL the fraudulent funds paid out to the sex beast fraudster’s between 2010/2016 is recovered by the courts or DPP.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.