Who Is Paying All TVHA’S Fraudulent Courts And Solicitors Fee’s?

They are.

If they want to keep carrying out fake court hearings, submitting false evidence (you should see the lies and libel I have here…oh and the emails the employees have been sending around the office about me) and committing legal crimes and fraud, they are liable for what their crimes cost them.

I won’t be attending any of their fake court hearings. FOR PERSONAL SAFETY AND KIDNAP THREATS.

I won’t be footing any of their legal costs incurred with their fake hearings based on false accusations and dreamed up fantasies…DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND INTIMIDATION.

Quite frankly, it looks like someone at TVHA has got some extreme mental health issues, that are not conducive to working in housing or with members of the public…where a healthy mind, honesty and integrity are what’s needed.

Oh and more money than sense!

I’m not paying one penny towards TVHA’S fraud crimes costs.

Nor am I pandering to ill officials with mental health issues and their sadistic dog butchering and murderous ways. DANGEROUS PEOPLE WHO NEED LOCKING AWAY FOR LIFE.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.