Why Am I Currently Investigating Gary Walkers £500,000 Payoff?

I am currently investigating Gary Walkers £500,000 payoff because he was sacked in 2010, BUT THE PAYOFF WAS MADE IN SUMMER 2012.

I am currently investigating Gary Walkers £500,000 payoff because he was sacked from a trust in Lincoln, BUT THE PAYOFF CAME FROM EAST MIDLANDS AND STAFFORDSHIRE.

I am currently investigating Gary Walkers £500,000 payoff because the DOH could not verify the source of the payoff, only that it was linked to Staffordshire/Nicholson debacle of 2012.

I am currently investigating Gary Walkers £500,000 payoff because the payment date when he was paid, coincides with the Staffordshire Trust, Wexham and Heatherwood Trust, TVHA, Browne Jacobson and Europ Assistance fraud of my medical case carried out in the Midlands in summer 2012…THE FRAUD THAT LED TO THE DEATH OF THE KHAN’S.

I am currently investigating Gary Walkers £500,000 payoff, because it was made at the same time as the other Staffordshire Tweed (not Walker), carried fraudulent funds from the 2012 Midlands fraud of my case, across borders to Spain, for sex workers and criminal’s on the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca.

I also note that Julie Bailey from Staffordshire had her book Ward To Whitehall published at the very same time too…what a remarkable coincidence eh.

Oh and because The Bureau Investigates felt it was worthy of investigating too!


A terminally ill disabled woman left suffocating, fitting, stroking and haemorrhaging over floor’s with no health care, no vital meds, no pain relief and now with probable unnecessary and untreatable cancer…WHILE OTHER’S WHO CAUSED THE KHAN’S DEATH’S WERE FLEECING CASH MEANT FOR HER CASE, VIA DECEPTION AND FRAUD.


Obviously, I have to do that myself, because when you ask police to address crime, their response is “What do you expect us to do about it”.

The only excuse I’ve not heard police use yet, for not addressing crime’s of this case, is “I can’t nick him because he’s my copper mate” OR “I can’t nick her because she’s my cum dump”.

I won’t cover up for any of the dirty beaver’s who have been found to be involved in the fraud of my medical case.


Mr Walker describes himself as a “man of integrity”.

So I’m quite sure he has nothing to worry about with me investigating him and his £500,000 payoff…especially as he’s now in Ireland, home of the corrupt insurance company who carried out the summer 2012 fraud which led to the death of the Khan’s.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.


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