Before My Son Was Kidnapped This Time (February 2016) He Warned Me Not To Trust Dr Rita Pal.

NB. Dr Rita Pal is a doctor by qualification only. She is not allowed to practice in the UK as she is not registered with the General Medical Council. Amongst other things.

I have never trusted this woman and I’m not about to start now.

Some women just send out natural “DO NOT TRUST ME” pheromones, and when I pick up on those pheromones, I give a very wide berth.

Hence, only writing 6/7 blogs for her NHS Exposed Blog in 2009/2010 and moving on very swiftly.

I’m more concerned, how on earth this awful woman has come into contact with my son and terrified him so much.


I don’t know her.

She’s nothing to do with me.

So what is she doing in contact with my son?

Sounds like she’s stalking my relatives to me…because I won’t have anything to do with her.

I also refuse to associate with women who give the time of day to doctors who have been banned from practicing by the GMC, for viewing CHILD ABUSE IMAGES ONLINE.

I find that and her disturbing.

What sort of mentally balanced woman associates with sex offenders?

A common theme in the Midlands it would seem…because the Midlands Fraudster who carried out the fraud of my medical case, is also linked to sex offenders involved in drug trafficking, people trafficking, prostitution and brothel running etc.

Then you have the Staffordshire Tweed, who carried the fraudulent 2011/2012/2013 funds illegally across borders to Spain, for the sex crime gang and Spanish Solicitors.

Mind you, it does explain where all these sex offenders have appeared from, since I wrote those few blogs for her back in 2009/2010.

So, my son can rest assured, I won’t be giving this woman the time of day ever…let alone trusting her.

I don’t want this woman near me, my kids, my grandkids or any other relatives.

Including the ones who stole from me.

Despite their theft, I would still protect them to the hilt from any harm.

Quite frankly I think this woman is a very dangerous piece of work.

And I’m a very good judge of character.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.


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