I Have Never Been A Journalist Unpaid Or Paid For “ANY” Media…Nor Would I Want To Be. I’m Too Honest And Wouldn’t Be Allowed To Write The Truth For Public Consumption!

I have NEVER been a journalist or article writer for anywhere or anyone and the only place I have ever written, is on my own personal blog’s.

My spelling is atrocious.

My grammar worse.

And punctuation to breathe, would leave most suffocating or gasping for breath!

Other than the 6/7 blog’s I wrote on the NHS Exposed blog, and I did not give my permission for Dr Rita Pal (a doctor by qualification only) or anyone else, to use my blogs elsewhere.

Only on the NHS Exposed blog, which Dr Rita Pal has now closed.

Maybe people have me confused with TVHA worker Jayne Hilditch/Harman of Thames Valley Housing Association (I am just a social housing rental tenant).


She is the one on Journalista…so must be a journalist or have an interest in journalism.

So not me.

I cannot think of a worse job, to be honest.

Having watched the media support and help the sex beast fraudster’s of this case for 7/8 years, I and many others have seen them for what they really are.

Thank goodness for me just being “a silly little blogger with my own blog’s” and no blood on my hand’s.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved


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