Why Are The Sex Beast Fraudster’s Involved In The Fraud Of This Case Portraying Themselves As Good People Online When They Are Filthy Animals?

The sex beast fraudster’s involved in the fraud of this case are still portraying themselves as good people online to others, because if the public and masses find out they are dirty, sex beast, fraudster scum who have left innocent people harmed and dead with their crimes, they will be horrified and disgusted with the filthy criminals and their degenerate actions.

Oh, and because anyone with any sense, would have nothing further to do with them or their causes…BECAUSE NOT TOO MANY PEOPLE WOULD WANT TO MIX WITH DANGEROUS AND GREEDY SEX OFFENDERS WHOSE CRIMES HAVE LEFT INNOCENT PEOPLE HARMED AND DEAD!

The only types “willing” to mix with sex beast fraudster scum like that…are usually cut from the same dirty cloth themselves.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.