Are Thames Valley Police Treating The Death Of 47 Year Old Nicola Walker At Slough Train Station On 13/02/2016 As Suicide Or A Suspicious Death POSSIBLY Related To This Case?

Police should be looking into the death of 47-year-old Nicola Walker on 13/02/2016 as a suspicious death before suicide…BECAUSE IT WAS MEANT TO BE ME.

Had I of turned up for the fake court hearing on February 10th 2016 set up by Jatinder Narwal of Thames Valley Housing Association, Central Heating Services LTD and Owen White Solicitors (when my son was taken…and who still has not been found safe and alive and now presumed harmed or murdered by the gang) BASED ON ME ALLEGEDLY NOT ALLOWING THE GAS MEN TO CHECK A HOUSE WITH “NO GAS”…it would have been me!

Nicola Jenkins (age 46 and very much alive) – All Rights Reserved.


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