You’re Going To Make Me Wish I’d Never Told…LMFAO!

Yeah…and I’m going to make you wish, you’d never come out of your mothers’ dirty, stinking and over poked hole.

No wondered the old man died…he couldn’t breathe for the smell.

GOSH…tell it to have a wash FFS…you’re in the Midlands and we can smell it down here. The stench is atrocious!

My dogs arse smells better than your mum.

Oh, and what are you doing living in a house with the mortgage paid for out of the 2011/2012 Browne Jacobson/Europ Assistance/NHS fraud money…THAT IS AN ASSET OF CRIME LINKED TO THE KHAN’S DEATHS YOU DIRTY, THIEVING SKANK.

Therefore, I’m going to make sure it is seized and all your dodgy bank accounts containing the fraudulent cash are closed down.

Does your mother know you’re a dirty criminal involved with drug trafficking and people trafficking police (now inside), into running brothels and money laundering and that your crimes have left a lady and 10 year old child dead?

If my son is also dead because of your warped and psychopathic crimes with your sex beast paedo crime gang, his very large family are going to expect an explanation from YOU.

PS. When you hit all those branches on the ugly tree…you left your tits in the tree, you flat chested ugly mung beast.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.