In 2012 I Was Told By The GMC To Report Dr Phillip Reginalds Crime Of Overdosing Me In A Secret And Illegal Clinical Trial That Almost Killed Me, Left Me Permanently Disabled And Living With A Death Sentence To The Police…SO WHY HAS THIS NOT BEEN DONE YET?

This has not been done because Thames Valley Police would not let me report the crime to them.

They felt it was better to protect the criminal doctor and abuse the terminally ill disabled victim of his crimes instead…AS MY BLOGS, DOCUMENTS AND SCREENSHOT’S SPANNING THE ENTIRE PERIOD SHOW.

6 years of domestic violence and deliberately causing further harm to my already fragile physical health…I REMOVED MYSELF FROM THE STATE ABUSE SO THEY AND THAMES VALLEY HOUSING ASSOCIATION BROUGHT IT TO MY HOME AND ME.

Very disturbed psychopaths!


Their unlawfulness and protection of a criminal meant I couldn’t visit my local hospital gyne unit for a simple 15 minute procedure to have the pre cancerous cells removed.

This was because the doctor who almost killed me with crime was still on the hospital premises and working in the unit.

I probably now have unnecessary and what will be untreatable cancer on top of the already unnecessary brain and bodily injuries Dr Reginald had already caused with his original crime…IE A DELIBERATE, HORRIFIC AND PAINFUL UNNECESSARY DEATH.

This will be classed as deliberate contributory manslaughter/murder…AND THAMES VALLEY POLICE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT NOT DR PHILLIP REGINALD.

Sadly, I will have to hold Sergeant Humphrey responsible…as he/she is the named officer who CC Sarah Thornton told to come and take statements in 2012 AND WHO DIDN’T DO THIS.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.


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