Why Have I Not Sued The NHS Or Insurers Yet?

I have not sued the NHS or insurers yet, because of all the sex crimes and fraud, that you are reading about in my diary.

There is no law that says, I even have to sue them.

I legally have until 2019 to sue Patrick Leroy, the insurer.

There is no legal time limit on Dr Reginald, because of the Law of Helsinki that protects patients’ like me harmed in clinical trials (even illegal ones run by unqualified quacks involved in crime) and because in 2008, Jenny Gray of Wexham Park Hospitals’ legal department offered me a £1000 payment (as good as admitting liability even though I was unaware of the clinical trial until 2011) which I had to decline, as the case is worth millions.

To date the hospital have refused to increase their paltry and insulting offer of £1000, made by them in 2008.

Therefore, I have not been paid one penny by them (or the insurers) and have had to provide all care myself between 2006/2016.

My 24/7 standby care (needed due to stroke’s and epilepsy) that the state failed to provide between 2006/2016, deliberately and knowingly leaving me to stroke and fit alone and endangering my life, has been organised by me, is now in place and has been since January 2016. I DON’T NEED FUNDING FOR THIS NOW.

We have sorted all my care from now until I die, with no NHS, insurer and state involvement…because I couldn’t rely on the NHS, insurers and state to provide help for the brain and bodily damage they caused, through crime and deliberate neglect.

So I might not even sue them now.

I needed the money in 2006 NOT 2016!

Money is no good to me now.

I’M TOO LATE FOR THE BRAIN SURGERY…thanks to the criminals and Thames Valley Police refusing to address the crimes.

THE MASSES AND PRE-CANCEROUS CELLS ARE NOW INDICATING UNNECESSARY CANCER…thanks to the criminals and Thames Valley Police refusing to address the crimes.

If other’s have got themselves in a fraudulent legal mess trying to use my case for their own financial benefit and now can’t pay back what they have stolen, that’s their problem and nothing to do with me.

That’s for them, the police and courts’ to sort out.


However, because I live in the Thames Valley region, it is now Thames Valley Police’s duty to arrest ALL the criminals and recover ALL of the money they stole and all of the money EVER paid out anywhere in relation to this case between 2006/2016.

Not forgetting all the money and goods from their postal frauds too. Oh, and the Harley’s.

I will be contacting the DPP to ensure the courts’ have received EVERY PENNY INCLUDING COURT COSTS BACK FROM THE POLICE WITHIN THE NEXT 28 DAYS.

One month is plenty of time for them to recover EVERYTHING.

My next door neighbour can help the police/courts with any information and exact identities of the court fraudsters, that is needed to secure convictions, as they took part in the fraud. THEY DID NOT KNOW IT WAS FRAUD BUT THE OTHER TENANTS DID, BECAUSE THEY’RE DOWNES’ MATES.


I’m just the victim of the disturbed and psychopathic sex and fraud crime’s.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved


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