Dear English/Spanish Fraudster’s On The Costa Del Sol/Costa Blanca And Fuerteventura. Your CRIME’S And FRAUD’S Left A Woman And 10-Year-Old Child Dead. SCUM!

In 2011/2012/2013 you KNOWINGLY AND WILLINGLY teamed up with the NHS crime gang in Staffordshire/Midlands and the insurers in Haywards Heath, along with the other bent official’s, to commit judicial fraud crimes against a terminally ill disabled woman, to line your own pocket’s with fraudulent cash and business favours.

Therefore, you are scum and you are now part of Team Rape/Paedophillia and Fraud, whose crime’s of greed led to the death’s of the Khan’s.

NB. Removing your pic’s off the internet was a waste of time…I had already saved them ages ago.

This means you don’t get to associate with me on any level and be a part of my genuine case, NOW.

You’ve had your filthy PAEDO POUNDS from your greedy fraud, when you teamed up with the NHS and insurers, after seeing me blogging about my case online.

You need to stick with your KIDDY FIDDLING CHUMS AND CRIME GANG THAT YOU KNOWINGLY AND WILLINGLY CHOSE TO TEAM UP WITH…to commit sick crimes against me.

You are nothing to do with me…never have been…and never will be.

I have not been to Spain since 2010 and will now, NEVER step one foot in Spain EVER AGAIN.

Oh, and well done for setting up pedophile’s and their crime gang’s on the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca with the fraudulent cash…JUST WHAT HOLIDAY MAKERS NEED, FOR A SAFE AND MEMORABLE HOLIDAY IN SPAIN!

NB. I have repeatedly asked the owners of the Eye On Spain website to remove my profile (ELVIRIADREAMER) on the site.

They still have not done so.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved


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