How Did The Mainstream Media Miss The Story Of One Of The Biggest Clinical Trial Scandals In The Last Decade?

The mainstream media missed the story of probably the biggest clinical trial scandal of the decade, in 2012, BECAUSE THEY WERE BUSY WITH JULIE BAILEYS’ DOG POO.

The one’s who weren’t in meltdown over the dog poo (that police could find no trace of when they investigated her claims) were on the opposite side to me…IE helping the sex beast criminal’s and fraudster’s.

I don’t need the mainstream (or local) media to help me now, as I’m too late for the brain surgery I needed and it looks like the pre-cancerous cells that needed removing urgently in 2010, are now unnecessarily cancerous.

I’ll be covering my own story, on my own blog’s and in my own book.

And NO media have my permission to use anything on my blog’s. EVER.

There’s plenty of other NHS scandal’s they can cover.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.