If Chief Constable Sarah Thornton Was Involved In This Case In 2012, Why Have Thames Valley Police Made NO Effort To Address The Crimes And Recover All The Cash And Goods…It Is NOW 2016 And The Crimes Started In 2010…With Their Own Officers Involved In The Crimes?

Only Thames Valley Police can answer why they have knowingly and willingly aided and abetted serious organised crime which includes paedophillia, and deliberately allowed bent officials and fraudster’s to launder multi-millions of fraudulent cash, for the 6 year period between 2010/2016.

Oh, and also spent that 6 years committing acts of domestic violence against a terminally ill disabled woman in her home…whose only crime’s were breathing and being owed a fortune!

The answer will fit on a stamp, because there is only one word.


Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved