So The Sick And Dangerous “NHS CAMPAIGNERS” Involved In The Fraud Of This Case And Who Have Left The Khan’s Dead…Are Sicker And Worse Than The System They Publicly Purport To Expose?

Yes, that is correct.

Posing on the internet as whistleblower’s, activists and NHS campaigners to member’s of the public et al, but behind the scenes are sick and deranged fraudster’s involved in abhorrent sex crimes and a multi-million pound fraud that has left a woman and 10 year old child dead.

They should be hung, drawn and quartered in public for their despicable sex and fraud crimes.

And charged with two count’s of murder in respect of the Khan’s death’s…DUE TO THEIR CRIME’S.

And contributory manslaughter/murder in view of me being too late for brain surgery now and probable unnecessary and untreatable cancer…DUE TO THEIR CRIME’S.


Soon, EVERYONE will know who they ALL are.

If they haven’t guessed already.

NB. These campaigner’s have NEVER legitimately been involved with me and my case EVER…just seen me blogging on the internet. SO BLATANT FRAUD.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.