Why Did I Exclude My Daughter And Grandson’s From My Will When I Used To Dote On Them?

I excluded my daughter and grandson’s from my will because they have HAD THEIR INHERITANCE.

In 2009/2010/2011/2012/2013 Jay Eyre’s (my daughters’ man) son of ex-copper Brian Eyre’s of High Wycombe, was just one of the men caught spending the funds, meant for me and my care.

It funded good’s of greed and Garage Doors Central in High Wycombe, set up in 2010.

If my daughter has a problem, with what her man spent hers and my grandson’s inheritance on, then she needs to sort it out with him.

SADLY NONE OF THEM ARE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ME ANYMORE AND HAVE NOT BEEN SINCE JUNE 2010…I had to walk away when I found out Eyre’s was involved in the sex crimes, fraud and abuse of my grandson’s.


If my daughter was not sensible enough to get her name down as one of the owner’s of the company that hers and my grandson’s inheritance money was funding in 2009/2010/2011/2012/2013…THAT’S HER PROBLEM.

That is why they are excluded from my will…Eyre’s had their money and spent it for them.

My two grandson’s are more than welcome to contact me when they are 18 (if I’m still alive) but not my daughter and Eyre’s kid’s.

NB. The Anti-Corruption Unit should be monitoring my daughters’ Slough Borough Council housing and DWP benefit accounts AT ALL TIMES…because this is just one of the way’s Eyre’s and the crime gang launder the fraudulent cash from this case.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved



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