Have Thames Valley Police Notified Me Of “ANY” Arrests Of “ANY” Of The Many Criminal’s Involved In The Fraud Of This Case Between 2010/2016?

NO, Thames Valley Police have not notified me of “ANY” arrest’s between 2010/2016.


And from where I am sitting, they’ve not recovered ANY of the fraudulent cash or goods either…because I’m watching ALL the sex beast criminal’s spending the cash, living in the property’s, running the businesses, driving the car’s and using the good’s right under the police’s noses.

And they have done for 6 year’s.

Oh, and any copper using phrase’s like “too big to touch, too powerful to touch, too rich to touch, that’s a no go area, what do you expect us to do about it”…SHOULDN’T BE A COPPER BECAUSE THEY ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT AND LIABILITY TO THE POLICE FORCE AS A WHOLE.

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