Have The Court’s, Police Or Anti-Corruption Unit Traced/Found The DEEDS To My House Yet…18 Neptune Way SL1 5UT?

Because they should have done this in Spring/Summer 2010…when the fraud of my case began. BUT I WASN’T ALLOWED TO REPORT “ANY” CRIME TO POLICE. NOT EVEN RAPE AND PEDOPHILIA.

IE. When I wrote 6/7 blog’s for Dr Rita Pal on the NHS Exposed blog. This is the only contact I have ever had with this woman, other than 3/4 messages on Facebook after I stopped writing for her in Spring 2010. SHE IS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME.

It was Dympnah O’Neill of TVHA who tried to put my house in my daughter and Eyre’s name, at this time. THEY ARE NOTHING TO DO WITH ME.

It was Langley drug dealer, Gail Hicks/Prentice, who at this time picked up “A damn sight more than £60,000 from Scotland” from the Scottish criminal’s and tried to buy my tenancy and green Daewoo Lanos car (V378 JTF now scrapped) for £10,000 out of the Scottish money. I declined her offer and had not seen her since April 2010 (I don’t mix with crims)…until her tailgating and abuse the other day. SHE IS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME.

I have never had the deed’s to 18 Neptune Way SL1 5UT…because I have never owned it. I have only rented it from 2000 until now. I WOULD NEVER BUY ANY THAMES VALLEY HOUSING ASSOCIATION PROPERTY BECAUSE OF THEIR CRIMINALITY AND POOR SERVICE OR ANY OTHER PROPERTY ELSEWHERE.

It was a new build property when I moved in, in 2000. My name is the only name that has ever been on the rental tenancy, as a sole tenant.

The deed’s should only show that Thames Valley Housing Association own the house.

The deed’s should show no sale’s between 2000/2016.


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