I Do Not Use The NHS Anywhere…And Won’t Until My Case Is Settled By The Courts!

Not in England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales.


Not doctor’s.

Not hospital’s.

I have had no NHS care since 2009/2010 when I wrote for Dr Rita Pal (a doctor by qualification only) on her now defunct NHS Exposed blog.

And that is how it will continue until the CPS have dealt with the fraud of my case by activist’s and bent official’s, whose crime’s caused the horrific and unnecessary death’s of the Khan’s.

I have not registered with a new GP or for healthcare in my new area as this is a temporary move.

My GP is in Slough.

This will be the case until permanent, safe accommodation is found…away from all the crazie’s and fraudster’s who have developed an obsession with the damage’s/compensation I am legally owed.

My current council is NOT involved in my care and will not be.

Nor will ANY future Council’s be.

They will just be paying my housing benefit for the property that I have rented in Scotland from a private landlord (who lives in Spain) for 6 month’s.

NB. I paid the one months’ rent as deposit and first two month’s rent myself. A total of £1,150. So far the council have paid £161.54. THAT IS WHY I COULD NOT AFFORD ANY FURNITURE OR ESSENTIALS I NEEDED TO BUY.

And the same applied to the second private rental I rented myself after leaving Scotland on 1/02/2017.


Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.


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