Thanks And Apologies To All Followers, Likers And Commenters On My Blog’s

Without you there would be no blog’s. I appreciate every single one of you.

It is almost impossible to blog at the moment, due to where I live.

I have no proper internet and only a phone with very sporadic reception. It can be day’s without a signal!

I have removed all likes and comments from my 3 blog’s…as I worry about the safety of you all. No other reason.

Life and blogging may return to normal one day.

Or maybe it won’t!

Welcome to the world of a whistleblower.

People don’t like being exposed for their fraud and crime’s that have left innocent people dead…especially the CORRUPT OFFICIAL’S.

Thank you for sharing my journey with me.

Not a pleasant journey!

Love you ALL xxx

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved


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