Was I Shocked To Find Out Dr Rita Pal Was Arrested By The Metropolitan Police In 2014 Just After The Khan’s Death’s?

No, I wasn’t shocked.

I was shocked she wasn’t arrested sooner.

I was shocked she was released without charge.

I was shocked she was suing the Met for the arrest.

But not shocked in the slightest that she was arrested.

You can read about it in the Birmingham Mail. Available online.

I was also shocked the Huffington Post had her writing for them!

This “activist” is nothing to do with me/my case whatsoever. Never has been. Me writing 6/7 blog’s for her NHS Exposed Blog in 2009/2010 does not make her “anything to do with me and my legal case”.

I do not want this woman near me, my relative’s or my case. Her name is on the injunctions for safety page for very good reason’s.

She cannot stay off my blog’s…and it’s creepy the way she copies word’s and phrase’s I have used in my blog’s, on her bizzare Twitter page.

No wonder Facebook blocked her…it looks like she’s suffering some kind of breakdown.

Posting non stop with just a few hours sleep most day’s.

Nowt as queer as folk huh!

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved


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