Yippee…After 8 Week’s Of Living In The Two Outfit’s I Left Slough With I Can Now Afford To Have My Clothes’ Sent To Me!

I still can’t afford any furniture or other necessities’ but I’ll get there :)

Two outfit’s, no washing machine and no such thing as a launderette (yes really…launderettes’ do not exist here…business opportunity) has not been easy.

Can you believe the thing’s I am most excited about buying next month…a double quilt and some pillow’s. Then I can stop sleeping in clothes’ to be warm enough.

And oh to eat off a proper plate…even the dog’s are starting to sneer at my melamine picnic plate.

But I did snap up a bargain £4 iron in the charity shop for the clothes’ I haven’t got yet…so who’s complaining.


Ah well, at least EE gave me 1 GIG of FREE DATA to blog about it all…I 💕 EE.

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