I Do Not Know Corrupt Copper Gary Quarterman. Only PCSO Elizabeth Davidson And Sergeant Tom O’Brien Of Maidenhead Police Station.

Why on earth would I know a thug like that!

I only knew his father-in-law, Jimmy Sexton (who despised him due to his bad ways) from Ascot for many years.

17 to be exact.

I met Jimmy Sexton in 1992 and we had one drunken fumble, when I was aged 22.

After that, we had a purely platonic friendship, until his death in 2009.

I most certainly was not his Mistress or Sugar Baby (or anyone elses).

Jimmy had lot’s of “ladies” but I wasn’t one of them.

And his wife had passed away long before I met him.

The only money Jimmy Sexton ever gave me was a loan of £20, which was repaid a week later and £100 as a gift for Christmas one year.

We always swapped cards/gifts at Christmas, LIKE FRIENDS DO.

He offered to let me live in his luxury house, Apple Barn, in Alton, Hampshire, when I was living in a grotty, damp council flat with my two children…AND I REFUSED HIS GENEROUS OFFER.

He offered to send my two children (Lauren Jenkins now 30 and Jack Jenkins now 27) to an exclusive private school…AND I REFUSED HIS GENEROUS OFFER.

When Jimmy died in Autumn 2009, I had not seen him for 2 years, due to my poor health and not driving due to strokes and epilepsy.

In fact, in the last 10 years of his life, I had only seen him on a handful of occasions, meeting up for lunch or dinner…and me, paying my own way.


When the sudden and awful call came from his daughter…I was shocked and very sad and there was no way I was missing his funeral.

An ex-acquaintance (Sean Burke) drove me there and back, as I couldn’t.

I saw Gary Quarterman at the funeral for all of 10 seconds.

That is the one and only time I have ever laid eyes on the thug.

I went home immediately after the service and did not attend the wake due to my ill-health.

In Autumn 2011 just weeks before I got my Citroen DS3 Motability car, I met with Jimmy’s daughter’s, Debbie and Kimmy Sexton, at my house, to give them a stole that Jimmy had bought for me one Christmas.

As I was no longer in touch with my daughter, I wanted one of them to have it.

That was the only time I met his daughter’s other than in passing at his funeral.

At this meeting, I learned Gary Quarterman had been banished to the Huntercombe Hotel and was being divorced by his wife (possibly due to his involvement in this case amongst other things)…that would have made Jimmy so happy.

That was the last I saw and heard of them, because I have not mixed with anyone in Slough and surrounds since the 90’s.

Except the brief spell with Gail Hicks/Prentice when her husband, Trevor Hicks was dying of cancer.

I saw her pal Martyne Mullar for the first time since 1999 at the funeral (Oct/Nov 2009) and she then visited me with Hicks on a handful of occasions after it.

I last saw them both on April 20th 2010…my birthday.

Until Gail Hicks/Prentice was tailgating me in Cippenham and abusing me at the shops in 2016…just before I moved from 18 Neptune Way, Slough SL1 5UT to Brora in Scotland.

I had two meals with Julia Pickard (my daughters mate) and Kelly Smith of Leaseplan.

And two meet ups with Emma McDermott/DJ D-Code.

The only people in Slough that were anything to do with me was my daughter, LAUREN JENKINS and my son, JACK JENKINS…until they went off with the crime gang in 2010 because that’s where the dirty money was!

So the Midlands fraudster, Biker Paedo Rapist, Fuerteventura Rapist and bent officials et al who carried out the judicial fraud, have not only carried out a multi-million pound judicial fraud for their own financial gain, they have disclosed pertinent medical information and untrue and falsified medical information, to court rooms full of STRANGERS WHO ARE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH ME.

Serious Organised Crime.

Gary Quarterman is friends with Boyce, Stride, Narwal, Davies, Lath, Woods, Downes, Slaughters, Mullar, Hicks/Prentice, Glassford, McManus, the Gills, Maltman, Eyres, the Swans, the Marsh’s, the Crutch’s, Dickens et al and lots of the other gypsies and Slough criminals involved in the sex crimes against me and the many frauds of this case between 2009/2018.

That eventually led to the deaths of the Khans in September 2014 at Slough train station.


Oh, and I may not know him personally…but I know LOTS ABOUT HIM!

None of it pleasant or conducive with being a police officer.

More of a, gang land thug than a respectable police officer of three decades.

Oh, and Jimmy never left me ANYTHING in his will.

Except his sense of humour.

Like I said, the only two police officers from Thames Valley Police that I know personally is Sergeant Tom O’Brien because he is married to my cousin Lucy Alice O’Brien (nee Fairweather) and PCSO Elizabeth Davidson who I have known since I was 15 and used to clean for her when I was 15.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved


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