TODAY…1st October 2016

I have woken after my first nights’ sleep, WITH PROPER BEDDING since July!

I was “snug as a bug in a rug” all night long :)

Cue, buying an electric blanket shortly…for what I know is ahead.

Not only that, I finally have pyjamas and clothes’. No more sleeping in clothes’ and going out in them too!

Today, the sun is beaming and you would never believe it is October. It is a glorious “late summers day” and there are no signs of autumn here. YET.

The trees are still very green. Flower’s are still in bloom and attracting bee’s. The birds are still tweeting merrily away. Cows and sheep still mooing and baaing in between grazing in the sun. Horse’s are still in the field’s, rug free. The golfer’s are golfing in T-shirt’s. The farmer waves cheerily as he drives’ by in his tractor and doing his work. And the sea is blue and calm in the distance.

I love it at night standing on the deck when all is quiet and you can hear the waves slowly crashing in the distance.

In contrast, a few day’s ago, we had heavy rain and gale force wind’s…late afternoon, Coastguard Rescue were out and I just hope, it was not for a serious issue!

Molly and Buddy have played happily on the deck all morning…and still warn everyone and everything to stay away from THEIR place, including the poor bird’s I throw bread in the garden for.

Not to mention the leave’s. Yes, even the leave’s on the tree’s.

And the beautiful white cat, that sits quietly, just minding it’s own business on the bale’s…all packaged and wrapped, ready for winter.

Along with my clothes’ that arrived last week, also came the odd few personal effect’s, that I managed to get out of my old house (18 Neptune Way SL1 5UT) and have transported to me.

Ironically…in one box, a plate, mug and burner set from my daughter to “The Best Mum In The World”.

I have also been buying up, some lovely “new secondhand” furniture and bit’s, so soon, my little log cabin will be a HOME.

My most used phrase at the moment is “Oh Wow”.

Everywhere I go/drive is absolutely beautiful. The scenery is out of this world. Picture postcard villages line every route I need to take. Animal’s, bird’s and wildlife everywhere. And because I get so lost all the time…I probably see more of it, than most.

Rural living, is most definitely my cup of tea.

Would I trade this and my new life, for my old life and hometown of Slough…NOT ON YOUR LIFE!

I have “chosen” probably the best part of the United Kingdom to live and I cannot fault it in any way.


Oops, just one complaint…Too many cheap and delicious cakes :)

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved