Hurrah…Comfort Has Arrived!

So, I have been sitting on two old, rickety, hard seated dining chair’s since I arrived at my new place back at the beginning of August.

I’m not complaining, because when you have nothing because your housing association stole all your belonging’s, you are not in a position to complain about anything.

It was also kind of the landlord to leave them.

Something, is better than nothing.

Comfortable they are not.

Especially for a skinny minny (must eat more cake) with a boney bum and chronic back/spine/kidney pain.

I needed comfort…and today it arrived. Happy bunny is me.

I am now the proud owner of a new “secondhand” leather couch. It’s got big squishy cushions, it’s comfy, it reclines and it’s in superb condition…all for the princely sum of £40!

How did my comfort arrive?

How do you think it arrived you silly billies?

It arrived on a TRACTOR of course.

That’s how we roll here :)

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved