If I Have NEVER Been In “ANY” Mental Facility And Have NEVER Been Diagnosed With “ANY” Mental Health Issue’s…Why Was The Midland’s Fraudster, Thames Valley Housing Association, Thames Valley Police And The Paedo Crime Gang Pretending I Was In A Mental Facility…When They All Knew Full Well I Was Living In 18 Neptune Way, Slough SL1 5UT Just Getting On With My Normal Life?

They did this because they are sick, mentally disturbed psychopathic criminal’s into child rape and all sort’s of other seedy crime, who had committed various multi-million pound fraud’s of my case and were spending all the cash from those many fraud’s carried out between 2010/2016.

The sooner they are ALL sent to prison for life for their crime’s against me and the Khan’s death’s, THE BETTER!

Oh, and my poor son had no mental health issue’s until they started kidnapping and raping him either…FILTHY DIRTY HEBOPHILES AS WELL AS DERANGED PAEDOPHILES.

PS. When the Midland’s Fraudsters’ mother thought she was proudly giving birth to a daughter, she was actually dropping out a great stinking shitty criminal. Even my relative’s have had to tell the greedy fraudster psycho to STAY AWAY FROM MY CASE AND THEM…you wait til I expose everything I have on this mentally deluded one. TIMING IS EVERYTHING!

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved