What If You Were Just Found Dead Smothered…Or If You Were Just Found Dead Injected With Drug’s…The Police Here Wouldn’t Bother Doing Anything!

YES…that was actually said to me last night, by a neighbour called Eileen Mair.

It always fascinates me when people make random comment’s like this…as to where such disturbed thought’s or idea’s come from.

Especially when I’m drug free and even alcohol free.

Only smoke cigarettes. On and off.

Fascination aside, I always pay very close attention to odd comments like this.

A more paranoid person…could construe the comments as death threats or conspiracy to murder.

Looks like I will have to leave my little rented log cabin after all.

Shame eh…I was just getting settled too!

Also my log cabin share’s the same address as 4 other property’s and household’s that are nothing to do with me, and it is causing me real problem’s with DWP, bank’s, delivery’s, sent post not arriving to me etc.

Along with the attempted fraud’s against me before the ink had even dried on my new tenancy and new housing benefit claim!

So, a blessing in disguise maybe.

NB. The junkie’s in Scotland who set up the fraudulent fake care plan’s still have not been arrested and charged…what sort of a world do we live in where a junkie who has already had children removed from her as she was an unfit parent, can set up fake care plan’s for a complete stranger, solely to get her junkie hand’s on cash from my medical case!! Aided and abetted by an SNP thug who had already been caught up in a care home scandal!! SHOCKING CRIME.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved


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