All These Bloody Foreigners In The UK!

Doing all the work the British don’t want or can’t be bothered to do.


When I was fighting for my life in Charing Cross Hospital…the best care I had was from those foreigner nurse’s.

The best paramedic I had was a foreigner too.

All the kind porter’s were foreigner’s too.

The brilliant vet my dog’s used to see was a foreigner. They loved her…and they don’t like many people. Funnily enough, since that British man, David Srtide had all their relative’s slaughtered.

The best customer service I’ve always had in shop’s…is usually a foreigner with a cheery smile and happy banter.

My local laundrette was run by foreigner’s…and it was always a pleasure to do laundry there.

My local Londis was run by foreigner’s…and they used to do awful thing’s like deliver my shopping FREE of charge, because I’d struggle carrying it after that nasty British man, Charlie Maltman, committed fraud with my Motability car, leaving me carless!

Lest not forget the best chinese in Slough (Ming) run by the same lovely foreigner’s for over 15 year’s.

The country would grind to a halt and fall apart without them.

Yep…round up all the foreigner’s and give them a pat on the back for being such an asset to our country.

That quite frankly doesn’t deserve them…because they’re treated as inferior’s and like crap!

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved