The Breach Of Insurers Contract Causing Catastrophic Permanent Injury Case Against Patrick Leroy And Europ/Aria/Intana Assistance Is As Follows :

NB. I have all the “original” relevant documentary information, medical notes, brain/bodily scans, blood tests and all other medical paraphernalia confirming dates/times/events in my personal possession.

Everything written below is true factual evidence.

You cannot dispute factual medical evidence, brain and body scans and blood tests.

You can however, disregard and ignore lies from the NHS and insurers who don’t want to pay out the multi-millions in compensation and damages they owe, for the harm and permanent disabilities they caused by their crimes and breaching their legal obligations.

In late 2005 my two children, my grandson and I booked a two-week half board package holiday to Hisaronu in Turkey, for May 2006, through First Choice Holidays.

At the same time, we all took out our holiday travel insurance with them.

As all sensible people do before travelling abroad on holiday.

The insurance policy was with EUROP ASSISTANCE INSURERS based in Haywards Heath, Sussex.

We also paid a bit more and upgraded from the basic package to silver package, so we all had fully comprehensive cover, including repatriation.

We upgraded because we were travelling to a non-EU country (Turkey) and wanted to cover all eventualities, as we could not use our EHIC cards there.

At the time of booking, we declared my minor gynecological complaint and the 30mg daily medroxyprogesterone acetate treatment I was on.

By the time we were due to go on holiday, my daughter was also 6 months pregnant with her second child…so we notified them of this.

One week before flying, I visited Dr Wendy Payne at Weekes Drive Medical Centre and she declared me fit to fly and go on holiday.


So off we all went on our holiday.

On day ten of the holiday, the 24th May 2006, at around 7/8pm, we were in our hotel room getting ready for dinner when I suffered a left vertebral artery dissection causing a grade 3 Subarachnoid Haemorrhage (haemorrhagic stroke).

My children telephoned for emergency medical assistance and a doctor was with me within 3 minutes.

He immediately diagnosed a large stroke.

I had lost all use of my right side. The right side of my face had drooped. My speech was slurred. I had mild confusion. I was vomiting army green liquid and was soaked in sweat…so much, it looked like I’d stepped out of a shower.

He did not wait for an ambulance but instead picked me up, ran me to his car and rushed me to the medical centre in Hisaronu himself.

Unfortunately, it was too serious for them to treat there, so they stabilized me and got me into an ambulance to take me to the private hospital in Fethiye. Fethiye Esnaf.

Here’s where it first went wrong.

Through no fault of theirs.

On arrival at the hospital, the “worst headache of my life” stage had set in and I was in horrific pain. A nurse injected me immediately with morphine for pain relief and consequently it knocked me out cold.

So by the time the doctor came down 15/30 minutes later, I was “asleep.”

He told my children to take me home, as I was OK and sleeping.

My daughter and son tried explaining that I’d had a stroke (we had no paperwork from the Dr who diagnosed it due to the emergency) but due to the language barrier and us being on holiday he thought she meant sunstroke.

They paid the medical bills and ambulance cost and reluctantly took me back to the Marcan Hotel around 10/11pm.

Shortly after this, the pain relief wore off and I awoke.

My daughter was lost, terrified and didn’t know what to do.

She couldn’t get hold of the First Choice rep and I was getting worse by the minute.

She nursed me as best as she could all through the night and finally reached the rep at around 11am the following morning, 25th May 2006.

The First Choice rep initially refused to do anything to help and it was only after my daughter threatening to sue First Choice if I died, that the rep eventually agreed to send an ambulance back to us.

When the ambulance arrived they were horrified…it was the same guys who had taken me the night before and they couldn’t believe the state I was now in, or that I had been sent home the night before.

They rushed me back to the same hospital in Fethiye and I was admitted immediately at around 11.45 am on 25th May 2006.

From this moment, my fully comprehensive medical travel insurance policy including repatriation with EUROP ASSISTANCE INSURERS should be in effect and we shouldn’t have to worry about ANYTHING, other than my life threatening condition.

From this moment, under the terms of my holiday insurance, I am legally entitled to the life saving brain surgery I urgently need or repatriation to the UK for it…yeah right.

What I write about Patrick Leroy’s insurance company for the 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st May in Turkey, will horrify you.

I was allowed a bed, fluids and pain relief.

And nothing else (other than a lumbar puncture and an angiogram) until the 31st May 2006.

Not even a cerebral angiogram to locate the bleed(s) until 30th May 2006.

25th MAY 2006…Put on Nil By Mouth at Fethiye Esnaf in preparation for the immediate brain surgery urgently needed in Turkey or UK. Refused repatriation to UK. Refused transfer to Antalya for the brain surgery to repair left VAD.

26th MAY 2006…Allowed a lumbar puncture confirming a Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage. Refused repatriation to UK. Refused special aircraft for 30 minute transfer flight to Antalya. Refused equipped modern private ambulance and ITC team for a comfortable and safe 3 hour transfer to Antalya.

Finally allowed, a non equipped (not even head support, blankets or life saving equipment on board) old Turkish ambulance and just a nurse with pain relief for the 4/5 hour uncomfortable and unsafe transfer to Antalya for emergency brain surgery.

Then denied the cerebral angiogram and brain surgery that was available and waiting for me, by the insurers after arrival at Ak Deniz University Hospital.


27th MAY 2006…Refused repatriation to UK. Refused life saving brain surgery in Turkey. Refused cerebral angiogram and everything else, including shunts needed to reduce life threatening swelling.


28th MAY 2006…Refused repatriation to UK. Refused life saving brain surgery in Turkey. Refused cerebral angiogram and everything else.

Left to die and suffer unnecessary secondary bleed from left ACA. Solely due to first bleed from left VAD not being immediately fixed, no shunts to reduce swelling and refusing all proper care.

29th MAY 2006…Refused repatriation to UK. Refused life saving brain surgery in Turkey. Refused cerebral angiogram and everything else.

Left to die and suffer an unnecessary tertiary bleed from right PCOM. brain herniation. 3RD nerve palsy with anisocoria, diplopia, ptosis and pupils sluggish to non responsive to light. Loss of lower limb use, bowels and urine control for 24 hours. Not cooperating with commands or communicating for 24 hours. Vasospasms have now set in. Almost dead.

In the early hours of the 30th May 2006 I am rushed down for a cerebral angiogram by doctors and return to the ward sticky plastered up from thighs to breasts and a sandbag on my femoral artery hole.

You don’t get an angio seal in Turkey.

30th May 2006…Refused repatriation to UK. Refused life saving brain surgery urgently needed in Turkey. Still being refused anything other than bed, fluids and pain relief.


My ex-grandmother, Shirley Ann Stoker of the National Drug Prevention Alliance and ex-aunt Jackie Fairweather, now arrive at the hospital with my son from the UK (30/05/2006 paid for by the insurers) for a quick 30 minute visit, as I am now not expected to survive.

They then leave after 30 minutes and go back to their luxury 5* hotel also paid for by the insurers…and demand my daughter leaves with them.

So had I died that night as expected, I’d have been all alone with no relative with me. 

The insurers had paid for them to come out and help my daughter look after me. Not sit on their lard-arses being absolutely useless in a 5* hotel.

They even packed their swimming costumes for their 5* holiday.

The first thing Shirley Ann Stoker said to my daughter on her arrival was “If your mother wasn’t dying, we wouldn’t be here.”

(She had told my daughter just six to nine months earlier, that she wanted nothing to do with her ever again).

The second thing she said was “If she has to go onto life support next, we’re switching it straight off.”

Not a decision for her to make or even suggest, as she was nothing more than an unwanted hospital visitor.

31st May 2006…The insurers now agree to repatriate me to the UK against the wishes of my Turkish doctors.

I’m now too ill to fly, especially with vasospasms set in and the predicted death rate if flown, is around 75%.

The insurers now also agree to the brain surgery taking place in Turkey, with the predicted death rate from surgery at just 3%.

Shirley Ann Stoker who is absolutely nothing to do with me (just an unwanted hospital visitor) decides surgery in Turkey is not a viable option because “they can’t take time out of their hectic retired lives for the recuperation period I will need in Turkey, which could take months.”

After I left intensive care, I saw her in passing at a family wedding and in passing at a family funeral.

She is nothing to do with me or this case whatsoever.

Within an hour, a special aircraft is waiting for me at Antalya Airport and I am prepped for the flight back to the UK.

The aircraft team have told Shirley Ann Stoker due to the emergency equipment needed on board for me, there is only room for ONE relative to fly with me.

Obviously, that is going to be my daughter who has cared for me all week and at that time was my Next Of Kin.

(My daughter ceased being my Next of Kin in June 2010).

This infuriates Shirley Ann Stoker (because she can’t be involved) so she tells everyone no one is allowed to fly with me…because she can’t.

As I am loaded into the ambulance to be transported to the airport, they ask which relative is flying to the UK with me.

Having been LIED TO by habitual liar, Shirley Ann Stoker, no-one has their passports on them…they are at the hotel 30/45 minutes away with NO time to go and collect them, due to flight time allowance and pilot flying time laws.

My daughter, who had just been to hell and back and who should have been flying with me, was left devastated because of the evil lying control freak.

So had I died on that flight as highly expected, I’d have been all alone, with no relative with me. 

I was then immediately flown to the UK and sneaked in through Biggin Hill Airbase, instead of a domestic airport nearer to Charing Cross Hospital.

To avoid the media finding out about my horrific time in Turkey which almost left me unnecessarily dead and unnecessarily permanently disabled, in the hands of Europ Assistance Insurers.

I was eventually operated on, on June 5th 2006 at Charing Cross Hospital…13 days after, the first original bleed on 24th May 2006.

NB. The left ACA (2nd bleed) was too damaged to repair without serious risk to life due to all the delays. It is now an atrophic segment (A1) that leaks causing TIA’s and further unnecessary strokes. It also means I have no direct blood and oxygen supply to the left side of my brain.

The reason my disabilities are varied and complex is because I had anterior, left and right bleeds instead of just the usual ONE side.

And because of lack of appropriate care and timely surgery.

If the first bleed had been fixed immediately, none of the others would have happened and disabilities would be few and less severe.

This case has NEVER been to court due to all the frauds, crimes, violence and abuse you can read about in my diary of abuse.

In a case of insurers deliberate Breach Of Contract causing GBH with intent (a crime) you LEGALLY have 6 years from the date of the insurers final refusal to pay compensation and damages to sue.

It does not matter “WHEN” the Grievous Bodily Harm they deliberately caused by Breach of Contract occurred.

The letter I have here, with the insurers final refusal to pay, is dated APRIL 2013.

Therefore this case, is legally viable for criminal prosecution until April 2019.


The Judge.

My prosecuting Lawyer…(not chosen yet).

Myself…the unnecessarily injured and permanently disabled party.

Susan from the British Consulate in Antalya…who witnessed it all.

Dr Suzan…my doctor from Ak Deniz University Hospital in Antalya.

Dr Iain Colquhoun…my neuroradiologist and excellent medical expert from various hospitals in the UK.

Dr Anne Mitchener…my neurosurgeon and excellent medical expert from various hospitals in the UK.

Dr Jane Emer Macsweeny…private neuroradiologist/neurosurgeon and excellent medical expert from Prescan and various hospitals in the UK.

Sanya (?)…my neuropsychologist at Charing Cross Hospital and excellent medical expert.

Patrick Leroy and his defending Lawyer.

The woman at Europ Assistance in Haywards Heath who repeatedly kept denying me the urgent and vital care/surgery in Turkey I needed and was legally entitled to or repatriation to the UK for it, resulting in catastrophic unnecessary harm, a host of disabilities and early death sentence, aged just 36.

No-one else needs to attend, because they aren’t involved in the case or my atrocious and shocking care in Turkey.

Nor have they been involved with me since me leaving Charing Cross hospital, or been involved in any part of my life.

Too many cooks who don’t know the recipe spoil the broth and all that.

This is the case that William Cornwell formerly of Irwin Mitchell London Solicitors, now of Slater and Gordon Solicitors, messed up through his own inexperience and sheer incompetence and professional negligence.

All of the above information WAS in my medical records viewed by William Cornwell…albeit not laid out in the above fashion. If he had gone through them PROPERLY, he would have seen all of the above and MORE.

Unfortunately for the insurers, the above is what ruined their reputation and has left them owing “ME” not “OTHERS” millions in compensation.

For “what I went through” above and the host of permanent disabilities and death sentence the above left me with.

These are the many appalling reviews of the insurance company.

And this is the PETITION I raised with the Government but had to close after just a few months, when the leftard fraud crime mob tried to blow my house up.

Attempted murder.

Nicola Jenkins – All Rights Reserved.


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